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Spigo Scratch Cards - Exactly what it sounds like.

I love scratch cards. ^_^ They are AWESOME! Thus far, Spigo is the only site I’ve found with daily scratch cards. (Slingo used to have one, but it’s been gone a long while. Sad. ~_~)

Each day you’ll get 6 new scratch cards, and you can earn several more as you go along.  Here’s how they work!


Quick Scratch

Each day you get three Quick Scratch cards.

quick-scratch Big money!

Use the coin to scratch off all of the spaces. If you find 3 matching images, you win a prize!

quick-scratch Ooh! Ooh! I won…. nothing. :(

Possible prizes are 50-1000 Spigos, $20, $50, $100, or the current Jackpot. The Jackpot has a max prize of $200!

All I’ve ever won are Spigos, but those are good to have too. ^_^


Zodiac Signs

In Zodiac Signs you pick one of your friends to “play” with. They don’t participate, but if you win anything you’ll share it with them.

Zodiac Signs Who should I pick today?

And no, you can’t opt to play this by yourself. Even if you haven’t made any friends yet, Spigo is still on the list. :)

Zodiac Signs Fishies!!

Scratch off all of the circles. You want to see your astrological sign AND your friend’s. That’s where you get the big tokens. ^_^ Top prize is $100 that goes to each of you!


Diamond Hunt

Diamond Hunt is really 3 scratchcards in one, if you ask me.

Diamond Hunt Umm… what?

You’ll eventually scratch all of the squares, so you can’t mess anything up. ^_^ In Mine 1 you want to find 3 matching jewels.

Mine 1 in Diamond Hunt Blast. No luck!

With Mine 2 you only need to find 2 matching jewels.

Mine 2 in Diamond Hunt Yay!!! I won something!!

In the last section you have a statue of a bird with one jewel as an eye. You want to find the other matching jewel!

Diamond Hunt Curses. No luck again!

The prizes are all Spigos, so don’t feel terrible if you strike out with all 3 parts. Just move on to the next card. ^_^


Bingo Scratch

This is one of my favorites!

Bingo Scratch Bingo!

In Bingo Scratch you have 4 different Bingo cards at the bottom. You scratch off the numbers at the top, and they’ll automatically scratch off on the cards. If any of your cards match a set pattern (listed in the top right corner) you win Spigos!!

Bingo Scratch Yay!! I winz!!!

I like the rainbow of Bingo balls. ^_^


Jackpot Scratch

This one is very different from the other cards. For starters, you don’t automatically get any Jackpot Scratch cards each day.

So how do you get them? Well, the first time you get a jackpot spin on any of the regular games (Diamonds, Treasure Hunter, Jigsaw Puzzle, etc) you’ll get a Jackpot Scratch card. You can get one Jackpot Scratch card per game, per day!

Now, how do you play this one?

Jackpot Scratch Umm.. No clue.

As you can see, there are 14 numbers on the left, and several prizes all around it. If you take a moment to count you’ll see that there are a total of 12 prizes listed and 3 “Blanks.” Have you figured it out yet? ^_^

Jackpot ScratchStill clueless.

As you scratch off the numbers, you’ll reveal prizes. Each prize you reveal is then removed from the prize pool. Whatever is left at the end is your prize!

finished Jackpot Scratch card Wait.. Did I just win 10,000 Spigos?!

See? One item left, and it’s 10,000 Spigos. ^_^ There are three cash jackpots too. Not bad!

As far as I can tell, the Jackpot Scratch cards don’t expire. All of the other cards are gone after a day, but these? They stick around. You could amass a huge pile of them if you wanted to!


Super Jackpot

The Super Jackpot isn’t a scratch card, but it’s Spigo’s main attraction. It’s a massive jackpot spread across ALL of the Spigo sites. There are two ways it can be won.

  1. A random draw triggered by a number generator. The generator will pick one ticket as the winner. The rest of the tickets are “used up” and everyone starts back at zero.
  2. The Super Jackpot slot machine. Each day you can use 3 of your tickets for three chances at the slot machine. If you win the Super Jackpot everyone will get to keep their tickets.

In case you’ve forgotten, you buy tickets with Spigos. ^_^ Now, here’s how to buy tickets.

There are two paths. Path 1: Click on the green SUPER JACKPOT button in the upper right corner on Spigo.

Super Jackpot Thar she blows!

Path 2: Click on the “tickets” link in the left sidebar.

Tickets for Super Jackpot That’s a lotta tickets. o_O

Whichever route you pick, you’ll end up at the “Buy Tickets” screen. If you don’t have any tickets yet, go ahead and buy some! From there, click on the Super Jackpot link in the bottom right corner.

This way to the super jackpot! This is overly complicated.

Huzzah!!! You found the Super Jackpot machine!

Super Jackpot machineDear Santa, I WANT TO WIN!!!!

Pull the lever three times to see if you win! Even if you don’t win the big prize, you still might win Spigo merchandise or Spigos.

When the current Super Jackpot is over $50,000, well.. Spigos aren’t a great consolation prize. *^_^*


Final Rating

I love scratch cards. ^_^ Wait.. I already said that? Well it’s true, dangit! I wish more sites had them!!

For the sheer joy and uniqueness of them, I rate the daily games at Spigo 4 stars out of 5. What would you rate them? Do you have a favorite scratch card?


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The best I can offer you are links to games of chance. Good luck! ^_^


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