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Who can win?

Whenever I sign up for a new game I make sure that I can legally play it first. ^_^ This means that ALL of the games I review are okay for US players and adults.

But I’m also blessed to have many friends in all age groups and various nationalities, and it’s always frustrating to try and figure out what games they can play too. So I made a handy reference chart!

This chart covers region, age limits, and membership options. Later I’ll make a chart to compare prizes. That should be fun. ^_^

Here’s what each category in THIS chart means.

Site Name - The game site names link to a site review of them, so you can learn a bit more before you sign up.

Region – These are the areas eligible for prizes. Two key things to remember:

  1. “USA” excludes Puerto Rico
  2. “Canada” excludes Quebec

I personally have nothing against either area, but just know that if a site lists “Canada” as a region and you live in Quebec, you’re ineligible to win. If it says “International” then you’re good. ^_^

Also, if “International” is linked, it takes you to either a list of the eligible countries or a list of sites in different languages. They’re all run by the same company!

Age limit – You must be the limit age or older in order to play.

Membership – Everything has a free option, of course. I just listed it for new people who might stumble in and not *get* that Free2WinGames.com is all about free sites. ^_^

In regards to the paid member options, keep in mind that I rounded up. I’ve always hated it when people sell things for x dollars and 99 cents. It’s like they think I’m too dumb to realize that $4.99 is pretty much $5. Geez. >_<

Anywho! Winster uses monthly subscriptions instead of yearly, so technically you don’t have to pay a year’s worth. But I wanted you to have an easy comparison. That’s why I listed everything by price per year.

IMPORTANT: Some sites allow you to play and/or pay for membership even though you live in an area where you can’t win.

Site Name Region Age limit Membership
BugleGames USA
18+ Free
Candystand USA
13+ Free
Club Bing USA Varies* Free
FreeSlots USA
18+ Free
Gamesville USA
18+ Free
Gold $25/yr
GSN Oodles USA
18+ Free
13+ Free
KadoKado International No limit Free**
Playtopia International No limit Free***
Pogo USA
No limit Free
Club Pogo $40/yr
Slingo USA
13+ to play
18+ to win
Spigo International No limit Free
Gold $50/yr
Winster International 18+ Free
Basic $60/yr
Silver $90/yr
Gold $120/yr

*Some Club Bing prizes have age restrictions.

**Each day players get 4 free Green Gems at KadoKado. You can buy more game plays in the form of Orange Gems which never expire. Price varies depending on the package and the current exchange rate.

***Currently Playtopia is free, but its sister sites have paid VIP options. It’s likely that Playtopia will eventually add a paid membership option.

And that’s that! ^_^


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