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GSN Oodles – Oodle your noodle!


GSN Oodles is a daughter site of GSN.com. If you’ve never heard of GSN, just know that it’s the Game Show Network on cable tv. ^_^

I usually love to post founding dates and traffic details, but uh.. I couldn’t find that out! GSN.com on its own gets over 2 million hits a month, but I have no idea how much of that is from regular visitors or from people playing for Oodles.

Missing stats aside, GSN Oodles has a lot to offer! As you probably guessed, “Oodles” are the virtual currency here. You earn Oodles by playing games and answering trivia. In turn you can use those Oodles for lots of things!



I like the layout, but I must confess that I get lost. A lot. *^_^*

layout Ooooooooooooooooodles!

For some reason account settings and profile settings are in completely different locations, and I’m really not sure why. Now I usually stick to a few games and I don’t bother investigating the rest.

What? I really don’t like getting lost! :P



There are a few games where you directly win Oodles, but you’re limited to how many times you can play them each day. To win Oodles in other games, you have to score high enough to land on the leaderboards. They have daily, weekly, and monthly high scores lists, and you’ll win Oodles based on your rank!

  • Daily – 75 ranks
  • Weekly – 150 ranks
  • Monthly – 300 ranks

I suggest playing the direct-win games (like Double Trouble) each day, and play the leaderboard games for fun. Less stress that way. ^_^

IMPORTANT: Many games on GSN Oodles offer a choice to play for Oodles or cash. The cash option is run by WorldWinner, and that part isn’t free!


Prizes Prizes Prizes!

I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed with how many options GSN Oodles offers its players. Take a look at the prize center!

prizepage Only three things? That’s not very impressive.

Oh no, they offer WAY more than three items! Those are just some of the prize categories! At GSN Oodles you can get prizes in several ways.

  1. Spend Oodles to buy sweepstakes entries.
  2. Spend Oodles to buy an entry ticket for a specific prize & game. If you’re the top player when the time is up, you get the prize!
  3. Use Oodles to buy an entry ticket for an auction. From there you place one bid on the item. (You’re bidding with Oodles, not cash!) If you’re the highest bidder when the time is up, you get the prize!
  4. Purchase prizes with Oodles!

The straight-out purchase option is usually more expensive than the other methods, but at least you’re guaranteed to get a prize!

Oh! The auction method works just like regular auctions. If you aren’t the highest bidder then you’ll keep your Oodles.

There’s a HUGE variety in prizes. In the “Buy it Now” category there are books, dvds, games, magazine subscriptions, and a lot more. (I saw a whoopee cushion!) Sweepstakes are generally gift cards or cash. And right now in the auction there’s a 46 inch LCD tv!

I play sporadically, and I still have a neat little pile of Oodles that’s slowly growing. I think I might use them to buy a board game. ^_^



Before I delve into profile settings, I’d like to remind you that GSN Oodles is one of those sites where you’re only allowed to have one account. If you don’t understand why they do that, take a few minutes to read this.

When you sign up you’ll see a link your account settings near the top of the page. This is just the bare-bones information that they need to verify who you are! You may want to take a moment and adjust your email alerts. I was getting email from them everyday until I realized I could turn it off. *^_^* Whoops!

To access your profile you have to click “Community.” From there you can select a small avatar, pick your favorite games, and share a little bit about yourself!

While you’re investigating the Community section, check out their forum! It’s pretty active, and you might find some new friends!



You can find GSN Oodles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! They are the most active game site on Twitter that I’ve seen. They occasionally hold trivia contests on Twitter, and yes, you can win Oodles from it!!


Final Opinion

I like GSN Oodles, but I wish they were more selective about the ads on their site. Frequently I get those super-annoying “YOU’RE A WINNER” ads that flash incredibly bright colors. >_< It’s hard to play games when that’s right by the board!

Still, there’s a decent variety of games and the prizes are simply amazing. It’s definitely worth taking a few minutes each day to swing by and grab a few Oodles. Try it out and let me know what you think!


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