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Treasure Trooper – A free way to earn cash? Why yes, thank you!

Today we’re going to look at something a little different. Today we’re going to look at a site called Treasure Trooper.

If you’ve never heard of it, you aren’t alone! It’s been around since 2005, but somehow I missed it!

What is Treasure Trooper? Well, it’s a free site where you get money for filling out surveys and completing offers.

Wait! Get back here! It’s much more than just another survey site. They’ve turned it into a game! In addition to earning cash, you can also collect tokens, treasure maps, and raise dragons! And get this: They have a large and active forum!

ttforum Nice!

There is a ton of information available! Additionally, some members have banners in their signatures to show how much they’ve earned through Treasure Trooper. The most I’ve seen (so far) was over $4,000!!

Paychecks are sent out once a month, and you must have earned at least $20 to get paid. If you didn’t make the cut, your earnings will roll over into the next month.

Still worried that it’s something nefarious? Well, there’s a thread in their forum that’s just about payment proof, and it’s 110 pages long!! o_O That’s a LOT of proof!

I signed up for Treasure Trooper about a week ago, and I haven’t exactly been working my tail off on it. (Blogging keeps me pretty busy! ^_^) But even with the small amount of time I’ve spent, I’ve already made $4.25!

It’s not an earth shattering amount, but it’s definitely not bad for a free program. Check out what else they have!


Games & Extras

1. Monthly Forum Treasure Hunt

Each month they have a new forum hunt, with a prize of $50 to the winner! To join in you have to “buy” a ticket with 3 gold tokens. (Tokens are earned through surveys and such.) The December hunt is tonight (Dec 21st) and I already got my ticket! *Dances*

Update: I didn’t win anything, but I had a lot of fun participating! ^_^


2. $100 Treasure Hunt

This one has no time limit. You have to buy four map pieces (with tokens) and then the treasure hunt starts! I don’t have enough tokens yet, so I haven’t tried it. But here’s a forum thread FULL of people who’ve completed the hunt and received the $100 bonus.


3. Facebook Game & Jungle Slots

This part is awesome!

Well, all of it is pretty awesome, but you know how much I LOVE slots! ^_^

Each day you can use one gold token to play Jungle Slots. Prizes include tokens, jewels, and $1! Now, if you also join the Facebook Treasure Trooper app, you’ll get one totally and completely free spin each day!

Guess who won $1 on a free spin? *Points to self* Boo-yah!!


4. Dragons!

You can raise dragons and (I think) turn them in for cash! I’ve only skimmed the dragon info because I’m not that far along yet, but people seem to really get into the dragon bit. o_O


5. Bonus for Referrals

For 1st level referrals you earn 20% of what they get. (If they don’t do anything then you get nothing, of course.)

You’ll get 5% of whatever the referrals OF your referrals make.

Aaaaaaaaaaand the chain stops there. My referral link is… well, it’s everywhere on this post. *^_^* The Treasure Trooper graphic in the sidebar is also my referral link.

If you don’t want to be my referral *sniffle* just take off the bit in the address that says MiraHope.


Now, if all of that that isn’t enough, there’s also an entire forum section dedicated to current contests and promotions. There’s plenty to do! But before you dive in, there’s some important info you need to see.



(See! I told you it was important.)

  1. Treasure Trooper limits you to one account per household. I live with my in-laws, so neither they nor my hubby can make an account.
  2. You cannot have multiple accounts. This constitutes as fraud!
  3. When filling out offers and surveys, you must provide truthful and accurate information. You’re getting paid for this information, so sending false info counts as fraud.

And lastly….


Use Common Sense

Many people have made hundreds and even thousands of dollars from Treasure Trooper, and there’s no reason that you can’t do the same! But don’t get SO excited that you forget to use common sense. Here are a few things that I suggest you do to keep things under control. ^_^

1. Make an email account that’s just for Treasure Trooper and whatever surveys you fill out. Do not use your main email for this! They’re upfront and honest that you will get spam from many of the offers.

I made a free account via Gmail, and they have some neat sorting features will help filter what you’re sent.

2. You can also use pre-paid cards for trial offers that require a credit card. (I’m going to try that after the new year starts!)

3. Many offers/surveys take a few days to process, so don’t expect an instant turn-around! Patience is a virtue. ^_~


If you can’t tell, I’m REALLY excited about Treasure Trooper. I’ve joined survey sites in the past and I usually quit out of boredom. Here they make it fun, and I think that’s brilliant!!

Any questions? If I don’t know the answer I’ll post on the forums to get it. ^_^

My current earnings, rounded to the nearest dollar!


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