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Points4Prizes FAQ

p4plfontWhat is Points4Prizes?

Points4Prizes, also known as P4P, is a unique program that rewards members for being active on Free2WinGames. Players earn points for various activities, which they can then trade in for prizes. (Click here to find out how to earn points.)

What kind of prizes are available?

The prize table changes each month, but generally there is an assortment of virtual AND physical prizes. A virtual prize might be tokens for a game, while a physical prize might be game merchandise or a random item that I thought was awesome. ^_^ Here’s a look at the November 2010 prize table.

Where do the prizes come from?

Prizes are donated by sponsors or come out of my pocketbook. Sponsored prizes include a link back to the sponsor’s site. If you’d like to donate a prize, please fill out this handy form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Alternately, you can make a cash donation by clicking on the Tip Jar in the green toolbar at the bottom. It looks like this. *Points*


All tips are appreciated!

Do I have to pay anything to sign up?

Points4Prizes is free to join! In the spirit of Free2WinGames, all activities to earn points are free as well, and they’re things a regular gamer would do anyway. No scammy surveys or Pyramid schemes!

What are the requirements?

There are only two requirements, and everything else is just extra. First, you’ll need to provide a real email that you use. Whenever you claim a prize I’ll send you a confirmation email to verify that it’s really you. ^_^

Second, you’ll need to make an account with Disqus. (If you already have a Disqus account then just use that.) Your Disqus username serves as your account name in P4P, and I use Disqus to track comments.

What else might I need?

With P4P you can get points for more than just commenting. You can also earn points through Facebook, Twitter, and by winning the weekly game challenges! The game challenges are played on sites that have either weekly or monthly high scores that reset. This way we don’t have to depend on using screen shots to verify scores.

The game sites that fit those qualifications are: BugleGames, Candystand, GSN Oodles, IWON, KadoKado, Slingo, and Spigo. If you plan on joining the weekly challenges, go ahead and make accounts. ^_^ Please remember that in P4P you can only register one account per site, and KadoKado and Spigo allow only one account per person! (Not sure why some sites have that rule? Read this.)

How can I find out what the weekly bonuses are?

If you look in the sidebar *points to the right* there’s a section just for Points4Prizes info. That’s where you can find the weekly challenge and the DFE. (Double Feature Extreme threads give double points for each comment.)

I’m ready! Where do I sign up?

If you’d like to sign up, please read the rules first. You’ll find the sign up link in there. ^_^


If you have any further questions please leave a comment! Most likely someone else has those questions too. But if you’re feeling exceptionally shy, you can email me your questions and I’ll be glad to help you out. I don’t bite! (Unless you’re made of chocolate, and then all bets are off.)



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