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Bugle Games - Where Bingo is #1!


BugleGames is small gaming company run by BingoBugle. (Say that five times fast!) I'm new to the Bingo world, but it seems that BingoBugle publishes a completely Bingo centered newsletter and even hosts a Bingo cruise!

Of course, BugleGames features more than just Bingo! They have several games, both single and multiplayer. There are no paid membership options, so everyone is on the same level!


I love simple layouts. Give me something organized where I don't spend 5 minutes trying to find the sweepstakes, and I'm pretty happy. ^_^

Here, everything is clear and easy to find! At the moment the forum link isn't working, but hopefully that will be fixed soon. (It will take you to the BugleGames facebook page when it's fixed.)

The one thing that bugs me is the banner. It's constantly flickering and that really bothers my eyes. =( I usually scroll down so I can't see it.


Another benefit of a smaller site is that the community is very close. Whenever I pop in to Bingo everyone is friendly and welcoming. ^_^ It's a lot of fun!

BugleGames is also incredibly active on Twitter, which I love! I strongly suggest following them so you don't miss out on the Special Pots announcements!

Tokens & Prizes

As you play games you'll (hopefully) earn oodles of tokens. ^_^ You use tokens to buy tickets for sweepstakes!

Each month they have 4 sweeps for $25 Amazon.com certificates. One ticket costs 1,000 tokens, and the sweeps are up for a full month. One thing I like is that when you go to enter, you can see how many total entries are in the sweeps. ^_^ This feature highlights one of the MAJOR benefits of playing on a small site.

There aren't many entries.

On large sites you can expect millions (literally) of entries for any sweeps. In comparison, the average number of entries for a BugleGames sweeps is 50,000!

As always, remember that even though the odds are more in your favor here, you're not guaranteed a win! But it's still fun to try. ^_^

Final Opinion

I like BugleGames! It's not a top-of-the-line site, but it feels... cozy. *^_^*

I'm sitting here with a big grin on my face, and whenever I think of BugleGames I just feel happy. *Sheepish grin* That sounds extraordinarily corny, but it's true! The players are wonderful, and that makes a HUGE difference.

A good site is more than tons of games and oodles of money. The people in it can really make or break a site. And on BugleGames, they make it. They really do. ^_^

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