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The Sunday Reader - Issue 1

ALERT: This entry is all text and it's really just for people who want to know how I'm connected to different sites. If you don't care about that, check out this random game review instead and have a great Sunday! ^_^


Right now I'm reviewing games from 7 different sites. None of them pay me to do this, and I don't want them to pay for reviews either! I'd be more inclined to give positive reviews if people paid for it, which isn't fair to you.

I also do not work for any of these companies as an employee. I definitely don't want to do that, because then I'd be ineligible to win anything!

HOWEVER! I still have bills to pay. If I want to keep doing this (and I do!) then money has to come in somewhere. That's one reason I put up the tip jar. ^_^ As of right now (May 23rd) I've earned a rockin' $1.73 through AdSense. Keep in mind that each post takes me about 5 hours to research and write. (It's a LOT longer if I make a full guide for it.) Can you blame me for wanting to earn something for that work?

My end goal is to have various game sites sponsor this blog. From how I understand it, this means that I'd earn a few pennies anytime someone goes from my site to theirs. It would have nothing to do with the reviews, so I'd be free to share my opinions.

Another goal is to have contests sponsored by different sites. Contests are always fun, and hey, it's another chance for you to win something! ^_^

Site Connections
So! None of these sites pay me to review their games. But I'm still human, and I react to kindness. *Sheepish grin* I get excited when a site plugs me on facebook or Twitter, because I know they don't have to. My readership is still tiny, and I can't pretend that I'm throwing any extra business their way (yet.) So really, they are doing me a favor!

Here is exactly where I stand with each site that I currently review. They're listed in alphabetical order. Links take you to the site review, when applicable. Twitter and facebook links take you to that site's page. So uh.. lots of links here! ^_^
  • BugleGames - They found me via Twitter, through Gamesville! I really enjoy tweeting back and forth with the BG Twitter manager. ^_^ They linked me on their parent site (scroll down to see it!) and I think that's just awesome.
  • Candystand - The community manager contacted me and said she loved my reviews. Major rush! ^_^ She's working to get me early access to their Tuesday release games so we can promote each other! So far they've kindly plugged some of my reviews on facebook and Twitter.
  • iWon - No contact at all with anyone from iWon. *Crickets chirp*
  • Gamesville - It may (or may not) be clear that Gamesville is my favorite site. ^_^ For one, they give more prizes to more people than any other site I've seen. Secondly, they're very supportive and have repeatedly plugged my reviews on facebook, Twitter, AND their own blog!! I've talked a few times with their product manager and he's been very helpful.
  • Pogo - No contact at all with anyone from Pogo. *More crickets chirp*
  • Slingo - It's amazing how quickly things change. ^_^ When I started this post, I'd had barely any contact with anyone from Slingo. Now they've plugged me on one of their facebook pages, and I might be getting some Slingo merchandise for a site contest! Sweet!
  • Winster - I sent Winster links to the reviews and asked if they had an active Twitter account. The response was brief. "Thanks for playing!" and "I don't know if we have a twitter account." They do, btw. Last time I checked it had 58 followers and zero tweets, but yeah. Technically they're on twitter.

I hope this has been informative. ^_^ If you have any questions for me, please ask! 

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