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Brainstorming: Ka-BOOM!

I have an idea and would LOVE your input! In addition to the usual contests, I was thinking it might be fun to earn prizes too. ^_^ There would be several ways to earn points and you could trade in for your choice of prizes.

Here are some of the ideas tossing in my noggin. If you have any other ideas (or if you see a major problem) please leave a comment and share!

Potential Ways to Earn Points

  1. Make a comment. I get an email for every comment so that would be fairly easy to track week-to-week. Possibly a bonus for best comment of the week.
  2. Share posts via Digg, Stumble, Twitter, Facebook, etc
  3. Bring a friend to Free2WinGames.com
  4. Keep a F2WG banner (or button) on your blog/site. Would get points for each week the banner is up. (We’d probably need more graphics for that.)

Potential Prizes

  1. Slingo merchandise (already have some)
  2. Gamesville merch, month pass, or GVs (have to ask about that)
  3. Pogo gems
  4. Winster day passes & monthly passes
  5. Spigo gold days (need to ask)
  6. KadoKado orange gems (need to ask (probably is a no))
  7. Candystand merch

And that’s all I can think of.

I have more thoughts, but they’re in a sleepy jumble. I’ll go ahead and send this out so you can chew on it too. ^_^


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