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FreeSlots - True Greats don't need to be fancy.

FreeSlots is run by SimSlots, Inc, and they've been in business since 1999! The site features 14 slot machines and a video poker machine.

And uh... that's all. ^_^ No customizable profile, no avatar, no chat, no Twitter, no Facebook page, nada. Just slots and monthly prizes!


If you like slots, you will LOVE FreeSlots! The slots take up most of the screen which means they're easy to see! They have a few 3-reel games, but most are 5-reel. I haven't tried them all yet, but so far every one has a bonus game. I love bonus games. ^_^

Running out of credits is never a problem. You start with 100 credits, which you can use with any game. If you run out just click "Add more credits" and you'll get 75 credits! (Link only appears if you have 9 or fewer credits.)


The banner says it all. Each month there are ten winners from the USA! With five $500 prizes and ten $250 prizes, this means that FreeSlots gives away $5,000 each month!

There are no paid membership options. The only ad you'll see is a small banner above the slot machines. But with an average of 700,000 visitors each month, FreeSlots gets more traffic than Gamesville and Slingo combined. That one banner is more than enough!

Are you surprised? I'm still surprised. o_O

How to Enter

As you play the games you'll earn credits. Every 100 credits counts as one entry. Each day you can submit up to 10 entries. No more!

Every person is limited to 10 entries per day. This means you can have (at most) 280 to 310 entries for each sweeps, depending on the month.

I like limited-entry sweeps. It evens the playing field. ^_^

Making an Account

When you get to 150 credits (or more) you can hit "Cash/Credit." Then you'll see this:

Not exactly rocket surgery.

You're a new user, right? Okay, click on the "Create a new account" button. The grey window will expand and ask for more info.

My personal details? No!!!

Relax. ^_^ This is all standard info asked by just about every free to win site.

IMPORTANT: They will send you an email if you win. Be sure that it's an email account you check often!

If you're worried about spam you can always create an email address specifically for gaming sites. But I've been playing FreeSlots for about two months now, and I haven't had any spam.

From here on out you'll use your email and password to send credits to the server. Whenever you make a deposit it will tell you your total balance and how many entries you have in the sweeps. Simple, and handy!


I like to keep a few thousand "extra" credits in the bank. On days when I don't have much time I just have to reach 150 credits to access my account, then I can enter the banked credits in sweeps. Reaching 150 credits in a day is much easier than reaching 1,000!

Until you deposit the credits in your account, they're stored on your computer in a cookie. If your browser is set to clear cookies automatically then you'll want to deposit credits before you exit the site.

If the only cookie you're familiar with is chocolate chip, just deposit your credits when you're done playing. ^_^

Final Opinion

When I first saw FreeSlots I thought it was a scam. Seriously! I didn't think it was possible for such a plain site to be legit. *^_^* But when I tracked down a winner* I had to admit that it's a safe site and not a scam.

Now I play FreeSlots several times a day! I love that I can pop in and out whenever I want. No commercials to wade through, no chats, just slots.

I can deal with that. ^_^

*They list the winners by first name, first initial of last name, then city and state. It took some digging but yeah, I contacted a winner. Who's got the skillz? Me!! ^_~

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