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Last updated 1/20/2011

Legally I have to put this up now, but I would have told you anyway. ^_^

After reading several of my game guides/reviews, Winster contacted me and asked if I would write game guides for all 10 of their games. I personally do not have a problem with selling game guides. (The review part? Nuh-uh. But they didn’t ask for that anyway. ^_^)

Here is the final arrangement: Winster is paying me to write 10 game guides. Additionally, for the duration of the project (probably 5-6 weeks) I have free Gold membership on Winster.

I will retain the publishing rights so I can put the guides on Free2WinGames. (I’m so glad for that one. I totally didn’t want to make two guides for the same game!) The “Final Rating” section won’t go on the Winster site (of course) but I will include it here. The rating is my personal opinion and is not endorsed by Winster.

On the Winster webpage I will get writing credits and a link back to Free2WinGames.

All in all, I’m very excited about this! ^_^ And if you have any questions, please ask! I want to be open and honest here.



You may have noticed that every now and then I’ll use an Etsy item in a post. (With appropriate credits and a link back to the shop, of course!) I’m not getting paid to do it, and the shops don’t even know I exist. *^_^*

I do it because there are so many awesomely creative independent shops out there! I want people to succeed, and I hope to help them get a little more exposure by mentioning them here.

That’s all. ^_^


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