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February Bonuses

p4plfontThis month marks the 1 year anniversary of Free2WinGames, and we are going to PAR-TAY!! *Boogies*

I strongly recommend signing up for P4P if you aren’t a member yet. It’s totally free! Oh, and there’s a pretty snazzy bonus coming up for members. You don’t want to miss it! ^_^


Month-long Bonuses!

Do you dislike the random aspect of the Lucky Linkster? Well, for February, every P4P member is a Lucky Linkster! This means you’ll earn 25 points for every Free2WinGames link you share through Twitter or Facebook! (Max of 250 points per week.)

I will do my very best to make sure I don’t miss anything, but there are a few things you can do to help out.

  1. Make sure I have your Twitter or Facebook info! If you have any doubts, leave a comment and I’ll tell you yes or no.
  2. Tag Tweets with #f2wg and Facebook messages with @Free2WinGames. This isn’t required, but it’s extremely helpful!
  3. Here’s the exception to point #2. If you have your Facebook wall on private and we aren’t friends *sniffle* then I can’t see your wall. So, if you want to get credit for sharing links, you MUST add the @Free2WinGames tag to your post! That will make it show up on the Free2WinGames' wall on Facebook, and we don’t have to be friends. ^_^

Got all of that? Excellent! As another bonus, to celebrate the 1 year anniversary, the weekly challenges, best comments, and best tips will all get DOUBLE points!

Right now there aren’t a lot of commenters, so this is a fantastic way to score a lot of points!


Weekly Challenge

Each week you’ll have a new game to tackle. If you’re the top Free2WinGames player at the end of the week you’ll earn 200 points!!

The week begins Monday, 12:01 AM EST and ends Saturday, 11:59 PM EST. Don’t wait until the last minute to play the challenge game, especially if it’s one you haven’t tried before!

Click on the game name to read a guide with tips on how to play it!

Dates Game Game Site Winner
Jan 31st-Feb 5th Treasure Hunter Spigo ???
Feb 7th-12th Vector TD Candystand ???
Feb 14th-19th Swapit GSN Oodles ???
Feb 21st-26th Megaspheres BugleGames ???
If you currently aren’t a member of one of the game sites but you see a game you’d like to try, click on the game site name and make an account with them. Now, remember that link I told you to bookmark when you signed up for P4P? You can click that link to update your P4P account! ^_^
What?? You didn’t bookmark the link? >_<
Hmmm… Okay, sign up again and make a “new” account. Include the same Disqus username and the same email address you used the last time. This time, PLEASE bookmark the link at the very end! Right click on it and select “save link as..” and this will create a bookmark. Thank you!

Double Feature Extreme!!

Comments left on featured categories get double  points!
Dates Category
Jan 31st-Feb 5th Club Bing
Feb 7th-12th GSN Oodles
Feb 14th-19th Candystand
Feb 21st-26th IWON
Clicking on the category link will take you directly to the current DFE category for the week.
Not sure what counts? Well, each thread is “tagged” with categories. You can see the tags right below the title of the thread.
That particular thread covered a lot of topics! If the DFE covered Gamesville, Slingo, Spigo, or Winster, then that thread would award double comment points for the week! It doesn’t matter how old the post is, since I read and reply to all comments! Don’t be shy! ^_^

If you’re still lost, please comment or send me a message. I'm here to help!


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