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iWon ~ Site Overview

iWon games is a pretty typical free-to-win site. You earn iWon coins and then use them to buy entries in sweepstakes. iWon coins are earned in four ways.

~ Play the games. Duh.
~ Invite friends via email. (Ask before spamming!)
~ Use the Ask search engine on the page.
~ Complete sponsor offers.

It's not that hard to earn coins just by playing the games. You don't need to pay real money or annoy your friends just to have a shot at winning! Seriously!

iWon coins can be used to buy entries into sweepstakes. They have daily ($100 prize), weekly ($500), monthly ($1,000), and even a yearly ("up to" 1 mil) sweepstakes. This is the only use for iWon coins so don't be afraid to spend them.

Also, most games have a "Bonus" game that can be triggered during regular play. The prize may be a small item or up to $2,000 cash. (Woot!)

Now, for the games... *Rubs hands together eagerly*

iWon has a neat tiered gaming system. You start at Copper level and the more iWon coins you win, the higher your rank will go. As you increase in rank you get access to more games with (hopefully) better odds of winning $$.

Before you can play a game you first have to watch 15 seconds of ads. After that you can play the game several times before an ad will play again.

All of the games on iWon are single player, but you can challenge your friends on facebook! You also can friend people on iWon and team up with them for competitions. I haven't done this yet so I can't comment on how it works.

MiraHopes2Win is my name on iWon. Friend me, please! ^_^


You can also earn badges for hitting certain scores in different games. No extra bonus for the badges. It's just something fun. ^_^

There is an option during signup (and in the side bar) to join the iWon insider team. It unlocks all of the games and has a few other bells and whistles. I haven't checked it out because it looks like an add-on to me, and I *like* unlocking the games.

On the front page there also is a large link to WorldWinner games. Be aware that to win any cash on that site you must PAY real cash first. It's a completely different website and format from iWon.

Overall I like the iWon site. It's fairly simple to figure out and the only pop-ups are from the actual games. Individual game reviews will follow later. ^_^

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