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The Points4Prizes Rules

p4plfontAs with all things, this list may change over time. But it covers everything I can think of right now. ^_^ When you sign up for Points4Prizes you agree to follow the rules, so be sure you read them!



  1. P4P = Points4Prizes (I get tired of typing, okay? *^_^*)
  2. P4P account = When you sign up for P4P I use your Disqus username to keep track of all of your information. Your P4P account is this bundle of info and your points.
  3. Frozen account = A P4P account that is unable to earn points or claim prizes.
  4. Deleted account = All of the P4P info and points are removed. The owner cannot make a new account.
  5. Disqus ban = The Disqus account is banned from commenting. Depending on the offense this may be a temporary or permanent ban.



Now we get down to the details. After each rule there’s a section to explain the penalty for breaking that rule. Some of the penalties may seem harsh. Okay, some of the penalties ARE harsh. *^_^* A big reason is because any abuse of this game affects all of the players, the sponsors, and me!

Pretty much everything is common sense. But if you’re looking to get an unfair “edge” on the game, it will not turn out well for you.


Points4Prizes Accounts

1. Must be 16+ years old to sign up.

Penalty – Your P4P account will be removed and all of your points forfeited. You are still welcome to comment and play games! ^_^


2. One account per person – You are free to adjust your information whenever you need to, but you cannot make multiple P4P accounts!

Penalty -  All of your P4P accounts will be deleted and your points forfeited. The “extra” Disqus accounts are all perm banned and your “main” Disqus account will have a 1 month ban. 


3. One person per account – You are the only person who should be making comments from your Disqus account and playing games for the game challenges. Don’t pull your cousin in to try and win a game for you. That’s not fair to the rest of the players. :P

If you or a family member is differently abled and would like to share an account, please send me an email and we’ll figure something out. ^_^


I want to accommodate all players, but I can’t do that if you don’t tell me what’s going on!

Penalty – Your P4P account is frozen for 3 months and you’ll lose all of your points. Two week ban on your Disqus account. (This is why you should contact me first if you have a special situation!) 


4. No account selling or trading – If you haven’t gotten the picture yet, your account should always be in only one person’s hands, and that person is YOU. I have numerous resources to verify these things, so don’t even try it!


  • Asking or offering to trade/sell accounts = P4P account frozen for 7 days, Disqus ban for 3 days, and you lose 5% of your points. This applies to all accounts involved.
  • Traded/sold account = Deleted from P4P and perm Disqus ban. If the new owner has an already existing P4P account, that will be deleted too.



Rules Regarding Conduct

Whenever we’re having a group activity on another game site, we must follow their rules! Language is more relaxed here, but most sites don’t allow swearing.

1. No cheating! – You may not use bots to post for you, play games for you, or automate any P4P activity. Cheating ruins the game for everyone and it will not be tolerated!

Penalty – Your P4P account will be deleted and your Disqus account permanently banned. If you used a program to cheat on a game you will be reported to the appropriate game company.  


2. Play nice – I know things can get competitive, but it’s never okay to insult other players or harass them. You may not insult someone based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, size, or age. You’ll get a warning for “light” teasing. If the insults or harassment is severe or bigoted, we move to harsher penalties.


  • First offense – Your P4P account is frozen for 7 days and you’ll lose 5% of your points. Disqus ban for 3 days.
  • Second offense – Your P4P account is frozen for a month and you’ll lose 20% of your points. Disqus ban for a month.
  • Third offense – Your P4P account will be deleted and you’ll be permanently banned from Disqus.


3. Language – Most of the sites I cover require members to be 18+, so it’s safe to assume that most of my readers are adults. Brace yourself for this: It’s okay to swear in your comments! Really! ^_^ 

However, you may not say that something is gay, lame, or retarded. I know that many of you use these words and I know it’s a hard habit to break. But remember that many players are homosexual and/or differently abled. By using those words as a slur, you’re implying that they are inferior beings. That’s not okay!

Also off the list is using genitalia as a slur. For example: dick, prick, pussy, and cunt.

At this point you might be rolling your eyes and wondering what on earth is left as a swear word. Well, there’s the ever-classic damn, shit, and fuck. ^_^ Those words are amazingly versatile!

Penalty – Isolated cases will get a warning, and I might modify the post to remove the offending words. Severe cases can expect some Disqus banning and/or have the P4P account frozen. Ban/freeze length depends on the severity.

Once again, if we’re playing on a game site, we must obey their rules, and most of them don’t allow swearing at all.


4. No porn – Yes, we’re all adults here, but this is NOT an “adult” site. No pornographic links or pictures are allowed. Flirting is okay, but keep it G rated. If you want to do more, take it elsewhere!

Oh, and no pictures of genitalia drawn with text art. Thanks. ^_^


  • Posting pornographic pictures or links gets an automatic Disqus ban for a month and P4P will be frozen for a month too.
  • Explicit flirting gets a 1 week Disqus ban for all involved parties.
  • Explicit text art gets a smack on the head and a 3 day Disqus ban.  



Judgment Call

I’ve played online games for well over a decade, and I know that sometimes things just explode. If for any reason we suddenly have an ugly situation, I reserve the right to ban offending individuals without sending a warning first. If necessary I will call in the appropriate authorities. (Death threats are never “funny.”)

In general I’m a very nice and friendly person. ^_^ But I have a HUGE protective mama-bear streak when it comes to my readers. Don’t push it.

If you’re ever temporarily banned from commenting, I implore you to use the time to cool off. Maybe step away from the computer for a while, if you can. ^_^ Read a book, make some cookies, do something to help clear your head. A temp ban means that I want you back, but you stepped over the line. Remember that, okay?


Points4Prizes Sign Up

You read that right. ^_^ You can go ahead and sign up for Points4Prizes! Remember, I need your Disqus username and a real email address. When you claim a prize I will send you an email to verify that it’s really you!

If you have any questions or comments, please post below!


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