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About Free2WinGames.com
About Mira

About Free2WinGames.com

Every single game you see here is guaranteed to be free to play and connect to a real prize. Some games have progressive jackpots, but for many games you’ll just earn tokens. If that’s the case, you can use the tokens to buy sweepstakes tickets.

So far I've found thirteen free-to-win sites! Rest assured, they're making money too. Some of the sites have paid membership options, but most make their money from ads.

I investigate every site before I recommend it. They are not scams! You really can win money while playing for free!


About Mira

Who am I? I'm Mira! There are a few things you'll notice about me right away.
  • I'm terribly addicted to emoticons. If you turn any one of my posts into a drinking game you’ll be smashed by noon. *^_^*
  • I Tweet about my three cats a lot.
  • I really like free games!
  • I'm also a big fan of lists.


You might not know that:

  • I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English.
  • I've spent 11+ years playing various social and online games, including a few MMORPGs. (Runescape, MapleStory, Guild Wars, Diablo II, etc.)
  • I play games without sound because one of my cats chewed the speaker wire AND 6 headset wires. (I gave up after #6.)
  • My favorite author is Tamora Pierce, and my favorite webcomic is Girl Genius. ^_^

I started Free2WinGames.com as a way to gather all of the free-to-win sites together in one place. At the time I only knew of four sites, and I thought that was it. Wrong!

At first the reviews were simple. I posted one or two pics of the game and shared my 2 cents. That was it! But I really wanted to do more than just post my opinion. That's why most "reviews" now are more like guides. I love helping people learn about new (to them) games pick up some new tricks! ^_^ It takes more time to write each post, but I enjoy the teaching aspect.

If you want to friend me in a game, here is a list of game sites I play! Clicking on my name takes you to my profile for that game site. Clicking on the site name will take you to the Free2WinGames’ site review, so you can learn a little more about that particular site.


I'm always open for friends. ^_^ However, since I play so many games, please realize that it means I don't get to spend a lot of time in any one place. You might not see me often!



Have something you want to tell me in private? My door is always open for you!

You can also drop me an email!

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