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Diamonds - Better than Bejeweled!

If you like Bejeweled, then you will LOVE Diamonds at Spigo! ^_^


All of the gems on the board are called diamonds. It took me a while to figure that out. *^_^* I can only guess that it's a translation issue.

If you're completely new to this type of game, relax. It's easy. ^_^ Your goal is to get 3 (or more) of the same gems together either horizontally or vertically. To move a gem you click on it, and then click the gem you want to switch with. The 2nd gem has to be directly touching the 1st gem, AND the move has to result in a match 3 or more. (No diagonal moves.)

When this happens the gems will disappear, and any gems above them will fall down. The empty spaces get new gems!

You want to keep matching up gems for as long as possible! The quicker you do this, the quicker you fill up the hourglass. When the hourglass is full, you win a jackpot spin!

Did I win?!?!

No, I didn't win the jackpot in that picture. It lights up to let you know that you got a spin. ^_^

When you spin the jackpot you'll most likely get either 50, 100, 1200, or 1500 Spigos. If you're SUPER lucky you may actually win the jackpot! It's a progressive jackpot with a max pot of $200. Your odds of winning it are very, very tiny. :( But enjoy the Spigos!

After the jackpot spin, the hourglass empties and you have to fill it up again. This means you can get multiple jackpot spins in a single game!

One other thing I like are the badges. See, Diamonds has 4 badges that you can work toward, and each one has a set Spigo award too! The awards are a one-time thing, so don't get too excited when you see them. ^_^
  • Sand of time - Achieve a jackpot spin and earn an extra 10,000 Spigos!
  • Heart room - Remove 500 red heart gems to pick up 25,000 Spigos!
  • A bag full of diamonds - Remove 5,000 diamonds/gems total for a 50,000 Spigo bonus! Only games where you clear at least 500 diamonds/gems will count.
  • King Salamon's diamond hunter - Score 3 jackpot spins in one game in 6 minutes or less, and earn 200,000 Spigos!!!
These are some decent challenges. I approve! ^_^

Spigo also has something wonderful called Jackpot Scratchcards. (I LOVE scratchcards!) Each day you can get one Jackpot Scratchcard for the first time you win a jackpot spin in a game. This works for every game that has a jackpot!

Tips & Tricks

Technically this isn't a timed game, so relax! You only lose when you run out of moves. If you're new, don't worry about jackpot spins yet.

In Bejeweled I usually work from the bottom, to maximize the number of chains that I set off. When I tried that with Diamonds, well... sometimes it worked, but usually the game just ends a lot quicker. I haven't counted, but I think there are more gem colors in Diamonds than in Bejeweled.

Loooooooooooserrrrrr! :P

Yeah, the gems get all funky and vanish when you lose. :(

Now I play from the top and work down. This way I don't miss any matches at the top, and when things shuffle to the bottom I have fresh matches again. This seems to work pretty well. ^_^

Bravo! *Polite applause*

If you get stuck, use the "Hint" button! There doesn't appear to be any penalty for using it, so have fun! ^_^

Lastly, if you're having trouble earning the Diamond Hunter badge, remember to keep making matches while the jackpot spins! The timer doesn't stop during a jackpot spin, so you can work on refilling the hourglass while it's spinning!

Final Rating

In many ways, Diamonds is harder than Bejeweled because there are no special gems to help you out. Surprisingly, I haven't missed them! I've had a lot of fun working on the Spigo badges, and even though I've already earned them all, I still play this every day! For me, this is the fastest game to earn a jackpot spin, and therefore I can get a quick jackpot scratchcard here each day. ^_^

This is a wonderful game and gets a perfect 5 out of 5 stars from me!

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