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Winster - Guaranteed prizes. Seriously!

Winster is completely different from the game sites I've been reviewing. When you play Winster games you still earn points. But instead of using the points to buy avatar items or gamble on sweeps tickets, you use the points directly for prizes! Prizes range from $5 certificates for the Winster store up to a $25 certificate for Amazon.com.

IMPORTANT: You cannot win cash on Winster. There are no huge jackpots to hitch your dreams on. What Winster offers is a guaranteed prize of your choice. And honestly, that is probably more than you will get from *most* game sites.

I'm making this sound all dull and dreary, but really it's very fun. ^_^ Although Winster offers a smaller range of games, the games are all played cooperatively. Yahtzee Party! and Boggle Bash are cooperative games, but Winster goes far beyond that.

Each day you'll be given 200 spins. You pick your game and you'll be ushered to a room with up to 4 other players. Whichever game you pick will have a pay table to show you which combinations are valuable. Then you spin to get pieces. Pieces may be cards for poker, numbers for Sudoku, or even a toppings for a burger! (Depends on the game, of course.)

Now, here is the cool part. ^_^ You can trade the pieces on your board for pieces that other people have!! This is the best way to play, because when you help other people out they will help you score better too. Some high scoring combinations are nearly impossible to create on your own. But when everyone works together it's very smooth and simple.

If you help others consistently you may be rewarded with extra spins. I usually get 50-70 extra spins each day just for helping!

So, how long will it take you to earn enough points for a prize? Well..... it will be a while. The cheapest prize takes 1,000,000 points. Playing for free I rarely get more than 10,000 points a day. On the upside, when you make an account they start you off with 700,000 points. That helps!

If you refer a friend and they sign up, you'll get a 10,000 point bonus. 25,000 points if you're a member!

If you feel impatient you can opt for their membership options. On EVERY membership level you get 4x the normal points and access to membership-only rooms.

  • Basic ~ $4.99 a month. 300 daily spins.
  • Silver ~ $7.49 a month. 500 daily spins and a 100,000 point sign up bonus.
  • Gold ~ $9.99 a month. 800 daily spins, Winster mousepad, and a 100,000 pt sign up bonus.
From what I can tell there are no annual passes, which is a shame. In my opinion the membership prices are pretty high for what you get. However, when I play I see a LOT of people as members, so they must enjoy it. ^_^

You can also purchase a day pass for 99 cents. You'll get 300 spins, 4x points, no ads, and access to members only rooms. Or if ads bug you then the ad-free week might be worth the $1.49.

Your avatar consists of a smiley face and you can pay to buy different hats for it. Also you can "decorate" your profile with icons that cost between 99 cents to $1.99.

Personally, I only shell out money if I really LOVE a game. And even then I'm cheap. *Sheepish grin.* For me the 200 spins a day is enough, especially since I play so many other sites too.

The strong cooperative feature in Winster games means that the community is pretty strong. People are very friendly and quite helpful! If you're confused or stuck just ask for advice. Someone will help you out. ^_^

In summary, Winster is a great little game site, and it's nice to know that you *will* get a prize if you keep playing. But the social aspect seems to be the most attractive feature for many players.

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