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Lottso Express - Leave your worries behind!

We're going to take a break from iWon's games and check out one from Pogo. (Site review will be later. Sorry!)

I played Pogo some time ago and one of my favorite games was Lottso Express! In looking for a new game to review I decided to try it again. And yup, it's still addictive. ^_^ Lottso Express! is a mad cross between Bingo and scratchcards.

Lottso!! Oh, I didn't win yet? Dang...

You start with a 6x6 grid of numbers and 30 balls. You get 30 more balls each time you reach a score goal. (Five goals total.) As you play you'll occasionally get 6 extra balls. In truth, I haven't figured out what triggers that. It seems random. @_@

Like Bingo, you score points whenever you get 6 in a row. It's 25 points for a single Bingo, 100 for a double, and 300 for a triple!

Anywho, the 6x6 grid is *further* divided into 6 boxes. (You can kind of see them in the picture.) When you fill one box a scratchcard will pop out.

In this pic three boxes are filled, so three scratchcards popped out. Now, once those cards are scratched and you hit "Refill," the boxes that you completed will flip over, and you'll get a new box to play. This one will be the SAME SIZE as the number of cards you turned in. Once you fill in this new card *another* scratchcard will pop out. But this time it will be the size of the *new* box you completed.

On the left here is a Super Lottso scratchcard, which you can only get by clearing half of the board. On the top right is a Lottso scratchcard, which you can only get by clearing two boxes stacked together.

This is a Mega Lottso scratchcard! To get it you must complete the ENTIRE board and then complete the second board that pops up.

Finish this to get the Mega Lottso!!

If you can reach the Mega Lottso scratchcard, rejoice! If you're lucky you can earn crazy points here. How? Well when you get to the top you have a 1 in 3 shot of getting to play a new Mega Lottso card! It's possible to keep playing the Mega Lottso card over and over and over before you bust and head back to the 6x6 grid. I've earned as much as 11k points from this one scratchcard!!

This is an untimed game, so relax and enjoy! I like to try to get 2 triple Bingos each game if I can. And I ALWAYS try to get the Mega Lottso card. I'm not a quick Lottso player, but I enjoy the change of pace. ^_^

Lottso Express! is a Progressive Jackpot game on Pogo, with a max pot of $4,999. If you get to the 3rd goal you will earn ONE spin. No more.

Unlike iWin, you are guranteed to get something on a Pogo Jackpot spin. It's usually more tokens, but I still prefer that over 10 spins with nothing but "Sorry!" for my effort.

Reality Check:
The odds of winning Jackpots are not posted for Pogo. Assume that they are terrible. ^_^

Final Rating:
This game sucks hours away and leaves me happy and relaxed. Definite 5!

But you don't have to take my word for it! On August 19th 2010, Pogo posted a bunch of reviews that players made about Lottso Express! More opinions are always better, so feel free to share your own thoughts. ^_^

Updated 8/19/2010 to add the above paragraph.


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