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CatchUp CoverAll - Gotta catch'em all!

CatchUp CoverAll is played only at Gamesville! You have three Bingo cards each game, and if you completely cover one of the cards, you win the jackpot!

Well, it only counts if you match numbers that the computer calls. You can't just cover all of the numbers and yell Bingo. It won't work.

Trust me. I tried.

Let's get to it!

Bonus Games

Before each game begins a little window pops up. It contains two minigames: Flip Flop and Lucky Ball.

Um.. What does it do?

With Flip Flop you pick one set of numbers. If BOTH of those numbers are called during the game, type "flip/flop" into the chat and hit enter. You just won 242 GVs!!

Lucky Ball is quite different. If someone wins the jackpot and they picked the same Lucky Ball that you did, you win 1,000 GVs!! Additionally, up to four people with the same lucky ball as the winner will also win $25 each!!

If no one wins the jackpot than the player(s) who came the closest to covering hir cards wins 500 GVs. And if you picked the same lucky ball as that player, you also win 500 GVs! It's a win-win! ^_^

The Game

Each game is six and a half minutes. This means that you have approximately 6 seconds to decide if the current number is on any (or all) of your cards.


Blue is the default color of the Bingo balls. (I had to work REALLY hard so that sentence wasn't perverted. I have no idea why almost every online Bingo game uses blue balls. There! I said it! BLUE BALLS!!)


Anywho, if you see one of these match to any of your cards, click the number on the card to daub it. (Daub means, "to place a mark.") There isn't an auto-daub feature, so you better be quick!

Also, five random balls in each game will be gold instead of blue. These are awesome!!


You earn 50 GVs for every gold number matched to your cards!!! The gold numbers stay gold on your card, so you can keep track of how many GVs you're going to win.

250 GVs so far!

Only 62 numbers are called each game. This means that (most of the time) no one covers their card and wins the jackpot. The pot just rolls over for the next game.


CatchUp CoverAll has a progressive jackpot that starts at $100 and goes up to $1,000! Gold members automatically get double jackpots, but freeple (free players) can get it too! It's in the CatchUp CoverAll How to Play section so it's nothing sneaky.

You need a business size envelope, 3x5 index card, postage, and something to write with. (I suggest a pen.)

Write ALL of the following information on the card.
  • Your full name
  • Gamesville account name
  • Your mailing address
  • Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Daytime phone number and e-mail address
Seal the card in the envelope and mail it to:

"Gamesville CatchUp CoverAll Double Jackpot Game "
c/o Lycos, Inc.
100 Fifth Ave.
Waltham, MA 02451-8703

As soon as they receive your entry you'll get double jackpots in CatchUpCoverAll for a MONTH!! So don't spam them with entries!

Reality check: There's a winner on CatchUp CoverAll about once a week. While that's better odds than most sites, it still means you could play for years and never win. It's not a conspiracy. It's just luck.

Side Games

You won't find anything about side games in the Gamesville manual. That's because side games are something that the players do for fun! One player will call out a pattern, and everyone tries to complete it. Nothing is gained, other than a "Congrats!" or two. It's just an extra bit of fun. ^_^

So when you see someone type "25 fs," it means they need the number 25 to win the side game. Fs = for side.

Tips & Tricks

If you join the game late and you're trying to catch up, don't bother scouring the call board for matches. Just start daubing your cards.

Really! When you daub a correct match, there is a little firework.


No sparkle means that the number hasn't been called yet. Click it again to remove the daub and keep working through the numbers. You'll get through them in no time. ^_^

Also, sometimes it's easier to look for what *isn't* called. Check out the call board below.

Ack! The game is almost over!

Look at the O row. The only two that haven't been called are O65 and O73. Every other O is good to go. Alternately you could look at big groups at a time. For example, G48-G55 are all called. I can quickly mark anything in that range.

Honestly, I think the first method (fireworks) is the easiest. I just want to give you options. ^_^

Final Rating

I've also played Bingo Zone at Gamesville, and I can't help but compare the two. I like CatchUp CoverAll a little better because the pattern is always the same. It's easier on my brain. *^_^*

But on the other hand, the Bingo Zone has a lot more winners. Smaller cash prizes, but a lot more winners.

Still, I've had my share of cards where I was 1 number away from winning several hundred dollars. The adrenaline rush is awesome! I'll give this 4.5 stars out of 5. What would you rate it?

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