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Bingo - Was his name-o.

IMPORTANT: In the screen shots you'll see dollar signs ($) and mentions of cash. This is not real cash! Bingo at BugleGames is completely free to play!

Besides, I can assure you that I don't have over $300,000 to my name. (And if I did I wouldn't put it all on Bingo!)

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's get down to Bingo! Once you decide to play Bingo at BugleGames, you may enter the glorious lobby!
Hey! Where's my bowl of yellow M&M's?!

You can access several different Bingo games from the lobby, but today we'll just be focusing on the first two rooms: BingoFever and EasyMoney. (Conveniently highlighted in the red box.)

These two rooms play "regular" bingo, where all you need are 5 in a row to win. In BingoFever you wager $50 per card and EasyMoney is $75 per card.

Remember, it's FAKE MONEY. ^_^ If you just started playing BugleGames and need more "cash" for Bingo, then you can play solo games like MegaSpheres for a bit to replenish your supply.

As soon as you pick your room, this appears!

Oooohhh! I like blue!

I've circled (squared?) the important items. First off, you need to select "Auto Daub." The bingo numbers are called incredibly fast, and there is no list of the last 5 numbers called. For the sake of your own sanity, PLEASE select Auto Daub!

Next you pick how many cards you want to play. If playing multiple cards usually makes you pull your hair in frustration, just remember that you wisely picked Auto Daub earlier. Now you can play as many cards as you want! (Limit 6.) ^_^

Woot! Now you're ready for Bingo!

Bingo cards start out with a purple header. When a card is one away from bingo, the header turns pink.

So close!

But the color you REALLY want to see is green. That's bingo!!

Oh! Oh! BINGO!!!

As soon as you see that green header, smack the CALL BINGO button (handily cropped out of the pic) and feel free to dance around your computer in joy. I won't tell. ^_^

The size of the pot depends on how many people are playing. More people = more cards = bigger pot. BUT if you follow BugleGames on twitter you'll get an inside scoop on Special Pots, also known as SPs. When a room has a Special Pot the rewards are MUCH higher! (As in, instead of a 5k pot it might be 35k.)

Special Pots are held nearly every day, but at different times. If you want the extra bonus you need to keep an eye on twitter!

Final Rating

This is the fastest Bingo game that I've found, and I LOVE that! ^_^ Best of all, with the Auto Daub feature I'm free to chat with others and I'm not glued to the screen hunting for numbers. (And gaining a headache in the process.)

However, this is a very basic Bingo. No fancy bells or whistles. The game itself is a solid 3 stars, but I'm going to add in another half star for the social bonus and the creative twitter tie-in. ^_^

3.5 stars out of 5

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