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Spongebob Squarepants Collapse - Part 2!

If you missed part 1 click here!

Everyone else, let's resume with Tip #2!

Tip #2. Make BIG matches whenever you can. Here's a secret that changed the game for me.

You don't have to wait for the lines to appear.

Really! You can click on the "loading" bar and they will instantly pop up! No wait!

That bar.

Why is this useful? For one, it makes those super slow early levels easy to deal with. And two, you get to make freakin' HUGE matches.

This is going to look scary, but bear with me. First, fill up the board by repeatedly clicking the loading bar. (Note: When the levels start getting faster you'll want to leave more room at the top. But level 1 is safe.)


Relax. We only need to make three clicks to clear the entire board! You see, there are 3 colors on the board. And we have bubble bombs for two of the colors. Once we click the two bubble bombs there will be only one color left. Click the big hunk of blue, and we're done. ^_^


And see that second bonus for 4,227 points? Whenever you clear a LARGE group of blocks you'll get a bonus. This expands tremendously as you level! So far the biggest bonus I've seen was 260,000 points! For one click!!

But let's say that life isn't perfect and you have a full board and only one bubble bomb. What then? Just follow these steps.
  1. Use the bubble bomb you have!
  2. If there are still some blocks in the danger zone (top line) quickly find some matches in those columns. I call this the "Oh CRAP!" plan. Always keep an eye out for matches in case a column doesn't fall like you expect it to.
  3. Keep the board as full as you can!
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get another bubble bomb. If for some reason there's a lot of room at the top, fill'er up before you pop the bubble.
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until you're almost out of lines OR until they're going too fast to keep up.
You get 200k+ matches by clearing out all of the other colors repeatedly. Imagine that you're on level 7 and have 4 colors. 
  • First you get a green bubble, and those vanish. 
  • New rows appear. All 4 colors are present again, but there's very little green.
  • Next is a purple bubble. No more purple blocks!
  • New rows appear. All 4 colors are present, but now there's a little purple, more green, but mostly yellow and blue.
  • Yellow bubble appears. Bye-bye yellow!
  • New rows appear. All 4 colors are present, but now there's a little yellow, a little more purple, more green, and a TON of blue!!
It's hard to explain in text, but once you play you'll see what I mean. Hopefully. ^_^

When you start running out of lines (5 or less) that's time to clean up. Make every match you can, use any bubbles, and even the jellyfish! If you make it to the higher levels you probably want to start cleanup around 15 lines or less.

You get bonus points for every "empty" square at the end of a level. Make it work!


That bonus is per line, by the way.

Just for fun, I played level 1 like I used to play. Small matches, no all-clear bonuses. My end score was 1,597.

When I play by making BIG matches and getting all-clears, I average 30,000-50,000 points for level 1. That's a huge difference!!

Tip #3. You *can* skip early levels. But I don't recommend it. When the game starts you can hit "4" to jump to level 4, or "8" to jump to level 8.

The reason I don't recommend it is because you lose out on a lot of points. In one game, by using the methods I described above, here's how I scored.

By level 3 I had 235,000 points. By level 7 I had 1.7 million points. When I finished level 9 I had over 3 million points. That's enough to get the Krabby Patty badge! Also, you earn roughly 10,000 coins for every  1 million in points. If I'd skipped straight to level 8 I would have lost out on 17,000 coins!

The tips I've shared really do work. If they're unclear, or you need help, please ask!

Had to brag, didn't ya?

Yeah. I had to brag. But only a little! *^_^*

Final Rating

Spongebob Squarepants Collapse is better than regular Collapse, and I already liked that. ^_^ The blocks are easier to see here, and I love the bubbles!! It's a lot of fun! I will admit though, it's more fun to me now that I *know* how to score well. I got really frustrated in the past when people said they got 6 million points, and I could barely get about 2 mil.

5 stars out of 5. This is the game I'll play whenever I need iWon coins.

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