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Bingo Bash - The Winster way!

Bingo Bash is played only at Winster, where you earn prizes! No luck required, just determination. ^_^ Members get quadruple the points, but since I advocate playing for free, all points listed are for free player amounts. 

Bingo Bash is an interesting take on ye olde bingo. Each card has the numbers 1-16 written on a 4x4 grid. The only thing that changes between cards is the pattern you need to earn a bingo! And instead of one person calling the numbers out, each person "spins" to draw their own number.

Bingo! Oh wait..

You play in a room with up to four other people and pieces can be traded between players. It's a good idea to help each other out!

There are 8 different bingo patterns. You can flip between them at any time and you won't lose your bingo balls!

Boards 1 and 2 are worth 200 points and need four numbers to complete the pattern.

Board 3 is worth 225 points and needs six numbers to complete the pattern.

Boards 4 and 5 are worth 250 points and need eight numbers to complete the pattern.

Board 6 is worth 300 points and needs ten numbers to complete the pattern.

Boards 7 and 8 are worth 350 points and need twelve numbers to complete the pattern.

At first glance it looks like boards 7 and 8 are the best ones to do. But if you break down the awarded points by the amount of squares in the pattern, you get a different story.
  • Boards 1 and 2 = 50 points per square
  • Board 3 = 37.5 points per square
  • Boards 4 and 5 = 31.25 points per square
  • Board 6 = 30 points per square
  • Boards 7 and 8 = 29.17 points per square.
Trippy, isn't it? You actually get more points for smaller boards!


Unlike Burger Buddies, this game won't automatically submit your bingo. This means you can flip between patterns and not worry about losing what you already have. ^_^ When you're ready to cash in, just hit the button!

BINGO!! Finally!

Trading Pieces

Trading is very, very easy.

Green arrow courtesy of Winster.

If you want to trade pieces just left-click the number on your board and drag it to the piece you want on the other player's board. The player will get a Yes/No box to confirm the trade.

If you want to just give your pieces to another player then you can drag the piece to any spot without a bingo ball on it! It will automatically go to the correct spot if the player accepts the trade.


Sometimes instead of spinning a bingo ball you may find extra points or even bonus spins!! I never got more than three bonus spins at a time, so it's not quite as good as Burger Buddies. But still, bonus spins are nice!

Tips and Tricks

When I first tried Bingo Bash, I asked the group if anyone had tips to help me get started. One player kindly gave me lots of info! Here are the two best tips she gave me.
  1. Accept EVERY trade. Since you can't draw a number that's already on your board, accepting numbers that you don't need means that you have a better chance of drawing ones that you do need.
  2. If you have a small bingo, turn it in! You can waste a lot of spins building up a big bingo. Use what you have!
I'd like to add that before you submit a bingo, give away every extra (non-pattern) bingo ball that you have. It's the nice thing to do. ^_^

Additionally, ALWAYS say "Thank you!" Winster makes this very easy to do! Just hit the "ty" button and you'll say "Thank you!" You don't even have to type. ^_^

Neon green oval and arrow courtesy of Mira Hope.

People DO remember those who appear ungrateful. Be polite and others will be more inclined to help you out. ^_^

And if someone is very helpful, you can click on their name and give them a thumbs up!

Final Rating

To be honest, Bingo Bash is not my favorite Winster game. I'd probably like it more if I was a true bingo nut, but I'm not. *^_^*

Definitely try it for yourself and see what you think, but for me I'm going to give this 3 out of 5 stars.

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