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Bingo Zone - *Insert spooky music here*

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is the middle ground between golden daubs and empty cards. It lies between the pit of despair and the highest peaks of hope. This is the dimension of invigoration and addiction. It is an area which we call- the Bingo Zone.

Admit it. I get mad cool points for that intro. ^_^

The Bingo Zone is located at Gamesville. The concept is pretty simple, especially if you already play Bingo. ^_^

You're given three Bingo cards to play. All three cards will have the SAME shaded pattern on them. The pattern changes each game, so look closely! To win the game you need to complete the pattern on any one of your cards before someone else wins, or before they stop drawing balls. After 40 balls are drawn the game is over and you get a commercial break. If no one has won then the pot will roll forward.

If you want a better shot of the board, just click on the picture and you'll see the full-size version of it. The purple marks are my normal daub. The gold daubs are bonus, which I'll explain in a bit.

When a new game is about to start, you'll first get a chance to enter the bonus game. All you do is pick three numbers. If those numbers are drawn during the game just type DBB in the chatbox and you'll win an extra 500 GV Rewards!!

DBB stands for "Dickie's Bonus Balls." I kid you not.

Once the game starts you have to stay focused. There is no helpful listing of the last 5 numbers called. (Eek!) On the call board the most recent number will be blue, and then turn grey once the next number is called. Golden balls will stay gold on the call board.

Each new number will be on the screen for about 8 seconds. That sounds like a long time, but when you're scanning 3 cards it can tick away pretty quickly. Add in the phone ringing, pets/kids running around, or your significant other asking a question, and suddenly you are Lost Big Time. It's like they don't understand you're playing Bingo, fer cryin' out loud!

For this reason I recommend playing only when the house is empty and the phone is unplugged. ^_~

You may recall that there were two different color daubs on my card. That reflects the two different color balls that are drawn.

The "regular" ball color is blue. (Oh good lord.. the jokes I could make!) You don't get any extra GV rewards for daubing numbers that aren't part of the pattern if a blue ball is drawn. *Bites tongue.*

Here you can see the pot, pattern, and the ball... color....

The golden balls are special! You get 50 GV rewards for EACH one that you match to your cards. It doesn't have to be part of the pattern. Check your entire card to be sure you don't miss these!


At the end of the game all of your golden daubs are totaled and you get your bonus!

Some rounds you will score better than others. You can't pick what numbers are on your cards, so you just have to hope for the best.

And boy... this game is GOOD at getting your hopes up! The pot is small because people win often! Seriously!

The pot starts at $2 and goes up $1 after each non-winning game. You can see on the bottom left corner who was the last person to win. The biggest the pot will be is $25, but it's still fun!

Final Rating:

This game is an emotional rollar coaster for me, but I love it. ^_^ 5 stars!

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