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Mega-Jackpot Bingo - Woohooo!

Mega-Jackpot Bingo at Slingo is a really interesting take on Bingo. For starters, you can customize a LOT. You can pick one of three daub colors, pick one of 6 card patterns, you can change the cards, and you can pick how quickly the numbers are called!


Once you're ready to roll, it's Bingo time! The computer calls 63 numbers total. For each number that's part of the pattern, you get 1 credit. Any number you mark that is not part of the pattern will vanish from the board and you'll get no credits for it. :(

Trippy. o_O

A completed pattern is worth 100 credits!


The board looks a little weird, but you'll get used to it. ^_^ Now you're probably wondering what the dark red squares are in the pictures above. These are Bonus Balls!

What's the deal with blue Bingo balls?

You really, really want these to match in your pattern! First off, for each one that's part of the pattern, you get 4 credits. But the best part is that each one unlocks a Bonus card for the Mega-Jackpot round! (Up to four cards.)

The Mega-Jackpot round is where you REALLY rake in the tokens! This time the computer calls 65 numbers instead of 63.
  • Any number matched = 5 credits
  • Any Bingo (5 in a row/column/diagonal) = 50 credits
  • Letter X across the board = 250 credits
  • Picture frame (numbers covered all the way around the card) = 500 credits
  • Blackout (every number covered) = 5k for 1 card, 15k for 2 cards, 30k for 3 cards, and 50k for all 4 cards!
So close!!

I've yet to achieve a Blackout. Every round I'm just one number away! AGH!!


When you finish playing you probably won't be too impressed with your score. Thankfully, the credits to coins ratio is very high.


Yeah. You get sixteen times your score! Not too shabby!

Tips & Tricks

Mega-Jackpot Bingo has one feature that is beyond awesome, and I use it a lot. It has... *drumroll*.. a PAUSE button!!

If you've ever played Bingo and gotten lost in all the numbers, or had family interrupt your game, well fret no more! You can pause the game at any time! Use this to catch up, or run get the door, whatever. I love it. Love it love it love it!! ^_^

Although it's not quite as fun, you can let the caller go through a bunch of numbers and then just start clicking the board. You aren't penalized for any misclicks and you'll get credits for the right numbers. But don't wait for the very end to start clicking! I tried that and as soon as I hit Bingo on one board, I couldn't mark off any more numbers. :( I have no idea if it was a glitch or not, but I was bummed, cuz I had another Bingo available.

If you want to get more Bingos, pick a pattern that takes fewer numbers. The downside is that you may end up with fewer Jackpot cards because aren't as many places for Bonus balls to match the pattern.

Final Rating

Mere words cannot express how much I love the pause button. *^_^* Quite frankly, if you like single-player Bingo, then this is the way to go.

The extensive customization and generous coin rate really make Mega-Jackpot Bingo a winner!

4 out of 5 stars!

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