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Crossword – The Mathematics of Loooove (What? It’s a song! Kids these days..)

If you’ve been hankering for a free-to-win crossword puzzle, well I have good news! Spigo recently added Crossword to their repertoire of games. ^_^

crossword Neat!

Generally I’m not very good with crossword puzzles, but I enjoy this one! As you can see from the picture, the clues are a mix of icons and phrases. Words are spelled across, and downwards. Never backwards or diagonal!

wordoverlap Hah! You said “bottom!” ^_^

Every now and then when you’re entering in a word, a letter will fly to the “Magical Word” section.

magicalword Ta-da!!

By the time you finish the puzzle, the Magical Word will be complete! It isn’t an anagram so it’s not like you’ll have to rearrange anything. To be honest, I haven’t been keeping track of the magic words. *^_^* If it turns out that combining them will lead you to treasure, well, I’ll be a little miffed at myself. (The words seem pretty random, so I don’t think they really lead to any treasure. But wouldn’t that be awesome?!)

Of course, you also get a Jackpot Spin when you finish the puzzle!


Most likely you’ll get just Spigos, but there’s always the chance to win the progressive jackpot! ($200 max)

Alas, you can only get a Crossword jackpot spin once a week. Why? Because each week they come out with a new puzzle, and you can’t redo any of the older puzzles. :(

Part of me would like the chance to do multiple puzzles, but I semi-understand why there’s only one puzzle out at a time. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to copy the finished puzzles and have the answers out for all to see. Newer players would have a HUGE advantage since they could just breeze through the puzzles and pick up several jackpot spins in a short amount of time.

So we’ll all just have to be patient. ^_^


Tips & Tricks

I’m not a trivia buff, so I end up doing a LOT of research on the net for each new puzzle. Here are a few tips and resources that have helped me!

1. Roman Numerals

Sometimes you’ll get a clue that says “50” and there’s only one letter in the solution. That means it’s a roman numeral! The basics are:

  • 1 = I
  • 5 = V
  • 10 = X
  • 50 = L
  • 100 = C
  • 500 = D
  • 1,000 = M

If you never learned how roman numerals work then you should REALLY watch this video. ^_^ You’ll be singin’ all day!

Square One is AWESOME!!!


2. Rhymezone.com

You probably don’t know this, but on rare occasion I write poetry. And years ago I found the awesomeness that is Rhymezone.com! In addition to rhymes (which you don’t need in a crossword) you can also look up synonyms and related words!

It’s quite useful. ^_^ You could also use Dictionary.com, but I’ve had better luck using Rhymezone for Crossword.


3. Wikipedia.org

When it comes to historical, geographical, or literary clues, Wikipedia is fabulous! One time the clue was “Russian river,” and Wikipedia had a complete list of every river in Russia. I just had to look until I found one that fit!


4. IMDb.com – The Internet Movie Database

Got a clue listing only an actor’s last name? IMDb can help! Do a search for the last name and see what works.


5. Google it!

This is a broader search pattern, and you may have to try a few different searches to find the answer.



Final Rating

I’ve played several Crossword puzzles now, and it’s a lot of fun. ^_^ It takes more time than most games, so I have to be in the right mood to enjoy it. But when I am.. it’s AWESOME!

Oh! If you don’t have enough time to finish the puzzle, it will save your progress until the next puzzle comes out. You don’t have to leave the browser open!

I’m rating this one 5 out of 5 stars. It’s fun and different and did I mention fun yet? ^_^

What would you rate it? Do you know of any other free-to-win crossword puzzles?


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