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Club Bing – Search for the answers.

Club Bing has an interesting little history. It was created in 2007, and was originally called “Live Search Club.” Why? Well, it was designed to promote the Windows search engine, Live Search. In 2009 Windows renamed their search engine to “Bing,” and the “Live Search Club” became what we now know as Club Bing!

I love the play on words. ^_^ I wonder how many people go to http://www.clubbing.com and expect to find info on clubs!

Anywho, Club Bing is one of those rare sites where you play games to earn prizes instead of to win them. Here’s a little info on the site!



I dearly love a clean layout, but the Club Bing layout verges on boring. *^_^*

layout Zzzzz……

On the upside it’s very easy to find your way around the place! But on the downside, I never feel any excitement when I look at the site.



Club Bing features only word and trivia games, and all of them tie into the Bing search engine.

Banana Shuffle at Club BingIt’s bananas!!!

I’m pretty bad at trivia, so I really don’t mind the search engine at the bottom. Although sometimes I get frustrated and open up Google instead. *^_^*

You earn tickets by playing different games, but you’re limited to 1000 tickets a day. ALSO, you’re limited to one account per person, so don’t make another account to get around the rule! It’s fraud and you’ll get in big trouble. :P



I must admit, Club Bing has an excellent variety of prizes!

prizes Whoa!

The really good prizes take a lot of tickets, of course. But it’s all free! ^_^

They also have something that I haven’t seen on another free-to-earn site, and that’s the option to donate your tickets to charity or a school. I kinda love the idea because it gives people a way to help others even if they don’t have any cash to spare. <3



Club Bing doesn’t have a paid membership option, but they do have a VIP status. VIPs get discounts on a few prizes and access to VIP-only prizes.

clubvip Is that… a chicken as a bouncer?!

Becoming a VIP is really easy! You just need to do two things.

  1. Download the Bing toolbar. (Only works on Internet Explorer version 7 or higher.)
  2. Make Bing your default search engine. (Again, has to be Internet Explorer.)

If you use multiple browsers just remember to switch back to IE before you go to cash in any tickets.


Final Opinion

Club Bing isn’t a bad site, it’s just one that doesn’t interest me very much. It’s probably AWESOME for wordsmiths and trivia buffs. ^_^

Have you tried it? What’s your opinion?


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