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Oodles of FREE opportunities to win cash!!

Today’s post focuses on instant win games & sweepstakes hosted by our lovely free-to-win sites! (Click “Game Sites” in the menu bar to see the full list.) Some of the sites also offer progressive jackpots that you can win by playing their games, but that isn’t what we’re dealing with here. These are all instant win games or sweeps that run all year long!
The info is organized into handy-dandy tables, complete with direct links to the games so you don’t have to dig to find them. And yes, the links will pop up in a new window, so you can enter and come right back here to enter the next thing. ^_^ (Note: If you aren’t currently logged in to that site, you’ll need to log in before you can do much of anything.)
Not sure what to do with this info? Here are a few suggestions on what you could do.
  1. Use the tables as a checklist – Maximize your odds of winning by completing the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Random Drawing tables.
  2. Improve your efficiency – If you want to focus solely on the biggest prizes or find out where you have the best chance of winning, we have tables for you too!
  3. Make sure you aren’t missing anything! – Most sites only have a handful of games or sweeps, but IWON, Gamesville and Spigo all have a LOT of ways to win things! 


If you live in the United States then you can enter all of the games/sweeps/drawings listed on this page. If you live elsewhere, please consult this list first to find out which sites you can win on! (Link opens in a new window.)
Once you do that come back here and figure out what applies to you. ^_^


  • Daily Shtuff – Sweeps, games, scratchcards and more that you can enter each day.
  • Weekly Sweeps – A new drawing occurs each week. Prizes range from $100 to $500.
  • Monthly Sweeps – A new drawing occurs each month. Prizes range from $25 to $1,000!
  • Yearly Sweeps – Only one sweeps, but it has a HUGE prize!
  • Random Drawing – Sometimes there isn’t a deadline!
  • Top Prizes – Thirteen prizes ranging from $500 to $1,000,000!
  • Best Chance to Win – Find out where you have the best chance to win something! (Note: You are never guaranteed to win. It sucks, but that’s reality!)

Daily Shtuff

These are games, scratchcards, and sweeps that you can do every day! FreeSlots is the odd one because technically it’s a monthly sweeps program. But since you can only submit 10 tickets a day, it’s better to make it part of your daily routine.
Some of the games have multiple prizes and/or winners. Please note that if you win, you’ll only get one of the prizes!! You don’t get the whole list. ^_^
Entries are organized alphabetically by site name. Clicking a game link will open up a new window so you can take care of business. Clicking a site name will take you to the Free2WinGames’ review of that site, so you can learn more about it.
Game Site Virtual Prize Real-World Prize
Monthly Sweeps
(Limited to 10 tickets per day)
FreeSlots   Ten $250 prizes
Five $500 prizes
(15 winners total)
Daily Sweeps Gamesville   $25
Frantic Fish Gamesville   $25
Hot Streak Solitaire Gamesville   $10
Pit Stop Slots Gamesville   $25
Super Chef Full Boil
(Facebook App)
Gamesville   $10
BINGO Blitz* GSN Oodles 5-10,000 Oodles +$1,000 for each day w/o a BINGO winner
(Ex: 6 days w/o a winner means a JP of $6,000!)
Daily Trivia* GSN Oodles 25-60 Oodles  
Daily Sweeps GSN Oodles   $250
Weekly Sweeps GSN Oodles   $1,000
Daily Sweeps IWON   $100
Pick 7* IWON   $100
Prize Machine
(20 spins)
IWON 500 coins
+5 spins
IWON water bottle
iPhone 3GS
Spin2Win IWON 100-1000 coins
+5 spins
IWON T-shirt
4 Green Gems for any Game KadoKado Kado Points
(earned from games)
Daily Drawing* Pogo   Two $25 prizes
One $50 prize
(Three winners)
Daily Sweeps Slingo   $50 prize
(Two winners)
Bingo Scratch* Spigo 500-25,000 Spigos  
Diamond Hunt* Spigo 50-5,000 Spigos  
Jackpot Scratch Spigo 1,000-20,000 Spigos Cash Jackpot
Max of $200
Quick Scratchcard* Spigo 50-1000 Spigos Cash Jackpot
Max of $200
Super Jackpot Spigo 1,000-2,5000 Spigos Spigo Merchandise
Super Jackpot (currently at $52k)
Zodiac Signs* Spigo (Split with partner)
500-25,000 Spigos
(Split with partner)
$20, $50, $100

*Game does not require tokens or extended play. In other words, these are quick and easy!

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Weekly Sweepstakes

Clicking the prize will open a new window for the relevant sweeps. Clicking the site name will take you to the Free2WinGames’ review of the site, so you can learn more about it if it’s a new one for ya. ^_^
Entries are arranged by… Well, since there are only four entries, I hope that you don’t need a lot of help with this one.

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Monthly Sweepstakes

Clicking the prize will open up a new window for the relevant sweeps. Clicking the site name will take you to the Free2WinGames’ review of the site, so you can learn a little more about it.
Entries are arranged alphabetically by site name.

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Yearly Sweepstakes

Super short list! ^_^ I really had to dig in to figure out why IWON lists the prize as “up to $1,000,000!” It turns out that if you win, there’s a second drawing to find out what your prize is. You have a 99 in 100 chance of winning $100,000 and a 1 in 100 chance of winning $1,000,000.
Even at $100,000 it’s still the biggest free-to-win prize that I’ve found, but I dislike the slightly deceptive wording on the site. But anywho, if you want to enter, click the “Sweeps” link below!
Method Site Prize
Sweeps IWON $100,000

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Random Drawing

Playtopia is the only contender in this category. Instead of having sweeps, they just have random drawings. You can also schedule it to buy tickets for you, which is interesting. I imagine it’s a good way to keep from missing out on a new drawing!

Clicking the game name will take you to the Playtopia ticket shop, where you buy *drumroll* tickets. ^_^

Quick Jackpot
(Blue Tickets)
Playtopia $10-$30
Extra Jackpot
(Red Tickets)
Playtopia $30-$100
Super Jackpot
(Green Tickets)
Playtopia No max
$9,195 as of 1/12/11

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Top Prizes

If you’re looking for the biggest free-to-win prizes around, this is the table for you! All of these prizes are valued at $500 or more.

When you’re looking at the prizes also look to see how often winners are picked. The time frames have a huge variety! For example, a $1000 prize might be awarded daily, weekly, monthly, or totally at random, depending on which site you visit!

Entries are organized by prize value, with the highest value prize listed at the top.

Top Prize Game Site Winner Picked
$1,000,000 Annual Sweeps IWON Once a year
$1,000,000 Pick 7 IWON Daily
$52,000 as of 1/12/11
Super Jackpot Spigo Random draw
Super Jackpot Slots
$9,195 as of 1/12/11
Super Jackpot Playtopia Random draw
$1,000 or more BINGO Blitz GSN Oodles Daily
$1,000 Weekly Sweeps GSN Oodles Weekly
(three winners)
Monthly Sweeps Slingo Monthly
$1,000 Monthly Sweeps IWON Monthly
$1,000 Monthly Sweeps Gamesville Monthly
$1,000 Spin2Win IWON Random
$500 Monthly Sweeps FreeSlots Monthly
$500 Weekly Sweeps IWON Weekly
$500 Prize Machine IWON Random

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Best Chance to Win

To figure out where you have the best chance to win a prize, I combined two aspects: website traffic and how often a winner is picked. (Traffic stats are from November 2010.)

You always have better odds with sweeps that end quickly, because people don’t have as much time to enter them. And you have better odds on smaller sites, because you have less competition overall.

Think of it this way. Slingo got 360k unique visitors in November, and they gave out 60 daily prizes in that time.

60 daily prizes / 360k visitors = 1 daily prize / 6k visitors

also known as

1 daily prize per 6,000 visitors

This sorta gives you an idea of how many people are competing for one prize. However, since we’re dealing with sweeps here, these are not the actual odds of winning!!!

The actual odds are determined by how many tickets are purchased. So! Even though I can’t give you the exact odds, I can give you an idea of how much competition you’re up against.

The Gamesville games with a single winner each day have been lumped into a daily sweeps category. The games are linked individually, of course!

Site Game Prize Prize per monthly Visitors
BugleGames Monthly Sweeps $25 Amazon certificates 1 per 500
Gamesville Daily Sweeps
Frantic Fish
Hot Streak Solitaire
Pit Stop Slots
Super Chef Full Boil
$10 (SCFB & HSS)
$25 (DS, FF & PSS)
1 per 2,240
Slingo Daily Sweeps $50 1 per 6,000
FreeSlots Monthly Sweeps $250-$500 1 per 40,500
GSN Oodles Daily Sweeps $250 1 per 67,000
Gamesville Weekly Sweeps $100 1 per 84,000
Slingo Weekly Sweeps
Merchandise Sweeps
$200 1 per 90,000
Slingo Monthly Sweeps $1,000 1 per 120,000

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That’s everything! I’m going to bookmark this page in the wibiya toolbar, so I can go through my daily shtuff quicker. ^_^


Find a dead link or a free-to-win sweeps game that I missed? Leave a comment and I’ll check it out. Thanks!


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