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Text Twist - Twixt Test (Just go with it.)

Text Twist is a great word game on iWon and Gamesville! I'm not the best at word games, but I had a lot of fun!

The rules are simple. Each round you have two minutes to make as many words as you can from six random letters. On the left are empty blanks for all of the English words you can make! To make a word, either click on or type the letters. (Typing is easiest for me.) Whenever you think you have a word, click "enter" or hit the enter key. ^_^


Once the time runs out, Text Twist fills in the missing words for you. Sometimes it's frustrating to see what simple words you missed. Other times you may learn something new!

I learned that I'm dumb.

Every round has at least one six letter word. (This means that all of the letters are used.) You have to find at least one six letter word in order to reach the next round!

Could you use that in a sentence, please?

Try to find the six letter word as quickly as you can. You earn points for every word you find, but you really want to find the six letter word!

The "Twist" part of Text Twist is basically a shuffle. Hit the spacebar or click "Twist" to mix the letters up. This is very helpful when you're stuck!

Tips & Tricks

1. Remember learning about suffixes in elementary school? They are VERY handy in Text Twist. Look for these combinations: -ly, -ed, -s, -es, -est, -y, and -ing. Technically there are many more suffixes, but these are the most common ones for short words.

2. I often miss a lot of words that start with vowels. If you miss out on those too, just make a mental note to look for them.

3. Use the Twist feature! A few times it's accidentally spelled the 6 letter word that I needed and couldn't figure out. *^_^*

4. Look for compound words. For example, if you spell "peanut" you can also spell "pea" and "nut" as extra words.

Final Rating

Text Twist doesn't have any cute bears, chickens, or flowers. For some people, that may make this game too plain. But I like it. ^_^ The features work smoothly and the simplicity keeps me focused on the letters. I especially like that they show you what words you missed once the round is over.

If you'd like to play it at iWon, click here. Prefer Gamesville? Then go here!

4.5 stars out of 5. What would you rate it? Do prefer simple word games or complex ones?

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