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Slot Social – Spin me, baby!

Slot Social is one of Winster’s most popular games. To be honest, it was the only game I played at Winster for a LONG time! I always enjoy slot games and the unique trading aspect was easy to figure out. That made it a winner in my book!
But if you haven’t tried Slot Social yet, here’s how it works. ^_^
Each room holds up to five players. Each player has a personal slot machine!
Slot Social game room Ooooh! Can I play?
Instead of pushing a button to spin multiple reels at once, you click “Spin” to get one piece at a time. (Hitting the Enter key works too.) When you’re ready to get points for your hand, hit the “CASH IN” button!
Now the cool part about Slot Social is that you can trade pieces with other players! It’s really easy to do. Click on a piece on your board that you want to trade, and then click on the piece that you want.
trading in Slot SocialLucky 7s!! 
The other player will get a Yes/No confirm screen. If zie clicks “Yes” the pieces will trade out. That’s it!
Of course, if someone sends you a trade then you get the Yes/No confirm screen. Sometimes it can get a little… confusing. *^_^*
multiple trades in Slot Social Attention, air traffic control!
That one isn’t too bad. I’ve had a few rounds where several people were sending multiple trades, or were trying to give me tons of items. Just take things one step at a time and you’ll be fine. ^_^
If you have a hard time seeing the tiny icons on another player’s board, just move your cursor over the pieces. Instant magnification!
magnified slots Mmmm… Grapes!
This is a new feature for Slot Social and I love it! It’s definitely cut down on the number of accidental trades! (An accidental trade is when you offer on the wrong piece. Like trading grapes for grapes instead of grapes for cherries.)


With any slots game it’s important to know which items are valuable. In Slot Social it’s even more important since you trade pieces! You need to know what to keep and what you can toss.
The following table lists all of items and their values. 3x means three of a kind. 4x is four of a kind, and 5x is five of a kind. Oh, and Club Winster members get quadruple points!
The Winster Logo is almost always called a “Winnie” in Slot Social. When someone says they’re trying to get a jackpot (or JP) they mean they want to get 5 Winnies.
Item Free Players Club Winster
Winster Logo (Winnies)
5x =1650
4x = 800
3x = 500
5x = 6600
4x = 3200
3x = 2000
5x = 500
4x = 315
3x = 210
5x = 2000
4x = 1260
3x = 840
5x = 315
4x = 230
3x = 150
5x = 1260
4x = 920
3x = 600
5x = 315
4x = 230
3x = 150
5x = 1260
4x = 920
3x = 600
Triple Bars
5x = 250
4x = 170
3x = 100
5x = 1000
4x = 680
3x = 400
Double Bars
5x = 165
4x = 105
3x = 60
5x = 660
4x = 420
3x = 240
Single Bar
5x = 135
4x = 85
3x = 55
5x = 540
4x = 340
3x = 220
5x = 100
4x = 65
3x = 50
5x = 400
4x = 260
3x = 200
5x = 85
4x = 60
3x = 40
5x = 340
4x = 240
3x = 160
5x = 75
4x = 50
3x = 35
5x = 300
4x = 200
3x = 140

IMPORTANT THING #1: Five wild cards is NOT the same as five Winnies! Wild cards on their own have the same value as diamonds.

IMPORTANT THING #2: Wild cards latch on to whatever you have the most of. Even if it’s worth less than another combination! Take a look.

Social Slots Wait a minute..

Here I have two wilds, two cherries, and one Winnie. I have more cherries than Winnies, so the wilds stick to the cherries. This turns my hand into 4x cherries for 50 points. I’d much rather have 3x Winnies for 500 points, but they didn’t ask me. :(

Wilds are often saved up to to create a Winnie jackpot. Winnies are pretty rare, and the wilds really help!

jackpot with 1 Winnie and 4 wilds Woohooo!!!


Tips & Tricks

As previously mentioned, Slot Social is a very popular game! I have a LOT of tips to share with you!

1. Whenever possible hit “Cash In” only when you have five of a kind. If you’re playing at an odd hour and the rooms are empty, well, you may have to cash in with 4x or even 3x. But if there are people around, trade trade trade!! Winster is about helping each other achieve high scores, so don’t be afraid to trade!

2. If you have trouble remembering what pieces are worth, here’s a little mnemonic. (I love these things!) This one groups the items from lowest value to highest.

Fruit bats don’t wear shiny watches.

Which translates to:

Fruits Bars Diamonds Wilds Sevens Winnies

I particularly like this one because it insinuates that fruit bats DO wear watches, just not shiny ones. ^_^ If you make your own mnemonic please share! I’d love to hear what you come up with.

3. Sometimes you may end up with piece that you want to save, but you already have 4 of a kind going on.

4 diamonds & a winnie “Uh-oh” indeed!

I definitely don’t want to “spin” that Winnie away. But unless someone trades a diamond with me, I’m stuck!! If only there was a way to hang on to that Winnie and keep spinning…

Good news! There is a way, but it involves a bit of trust on your part. You can ask another player to “hold” a piece for you. If zie says yes, trade the piece to hir. (You’ll want to trade to either an empty spot or for a low value piece, like fruit.) Once you get the last piece and cash in, zie’ll trade the GOOD piece back to you.

Most people only ask others to “hold” wilds and Winnies. About 99% of the time they get the pieces back. For the remaining 1% the other player might lag, lose connection, or flat out keep the piece. I won’t pretend that it doesn’t happen. But it really is pretty rare. 

Rule of thumb: If you don’t ask someone to “hold” when you trade over a valuable piece, don’t assume that zie knows you want the piece back!

4. Generosity is contagious. Really! It’s okay to ask someone to hold pieces for you, but you should also consider just giving valuable pieces away. Why? Well for starters, it’s a nice thing to do! Secondly, when you’re generous with your pieces, other people will be generous to you. I’ve met so many nice players who gave me whatever pieces they couldn’t use. And you know what? Not only did it make me smile, but I wanted to give back to them. It’s really fun!

Now every once in a while you may come across a “leech.” This is someone who accepts all of the freebies but never gives anything in return. You don’t need to yell at hir or change rooms. Just keep trading with the other players and be merry. ^_^

5. You might hear people talk about playing “Cherries.” This is a Winster bonus game. You see, whenever players spin the same item, everyone who spun the item gets a group bonus!

In Slot Social the cherries are the most common piece. To increase the odds of getting a group bonus, many players stop spinning when they land on cherries. After 20 seconds the piece will fade and you can’t get a group bonus from it anymore.

Right now the Cherries game is in flux. It’s so popular that it’s unbalanced the game! Winster is working to find that balance again. Many people are upset, but they need to remember two things.

  1. Winster is a business! If they simply gave away money they would go bankrupt and the site would close.
  2. Because players earn prizes by playing, Winster has to balance membership fees and prize payouts in addition to paying employees and keeping the servers up!

It’s not an easy task, and I don’t envy them. When the Cherries game is stable I’ll come back here and list the bonus points. ^_^

6. BE POLITE!!! Say “Thank you!” and “You’re welcome!” and say it often! Slow typer? No excuse! ^_^ Winster made it incredibly easy for everyone! Just hit the “ty” button to say “Thank you!” and the “yw” button to say “You’re welcome!”

politeness buttons

It couldn’t be any easier, and it’s such a simple thing to do. If you never say “Thank you” you appear ungrateful, and people won’t want to keep trading with you. Take a second to click the button and everybody wins. ^_^


Final Rating

Slot Social was my favorite Winster game for a long time. Then I branched out and found some new favorites. *CoughBurgerBuddiescough*

But I must admit, I really like some of the improvements they’ve made to Slot Social. No more clicking on tiny icons and trying to drag them to just the right spot! Wooohooo!!

The improvements were needed, and they boosted this one back into my favorites category. ^_^ 4 stars out of 5.

What would you rate it? Do you have any tips you want to share?


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