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Winster Week Contest #2 – Winner is Jennifer!


CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer!! You won today’s contest! ^_^

For those of you coming in late, don’t worry! A new contest will go live in about 10 minutes!



Woohoo!! Welcome to contest #2 of Winster week!! This contest is only open for one day, so don’t wait to enter!! (Congrats to Cassandra on winning yesterday’s contest!)

Who can win: New Winster players (800k lifetime points or less). And if you’re Cassandra you can’t win again. *^_^* If you’re already a Winster veteran, feel free to share this page with your friends and family!

Prize: A Winster day pass! A day pass gives you 300 extra spins, quadruple points, access to private rooms, and NO more ads!!

How to enter: Answer today’s question! If you already have a Winster account, please include your username so I can find you. ^_^ You can still enter even if you don’t currently play Winster, but you’ll have to make an account in order to claim your prize.

As a reminder, if you’re caught using multiple accounts to enter the contest you’ll be disqualified from every contest ever held at Free2WinGames. Also, if you’re playing multiple accounts at Winster you’re violating their one account per person policy and I will report you.

Sorry to get all serious, but cheating really burns my cheese. *^_^* Back to fun stuff!


Today’s question: What’s your favorite TV show and why do you like it?


Yes, I’m going to answer this one too, even though I can’t win. :)

I don’t have much time to watch TV anymore, but I always try to squeeze in a few episodes of Leverage. (I’m not caught up, so NO SPOILERS please!!)

If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a group of (mostly) reformed criminals who use their skills to help others. The writers do a great job of building the characters, and the actors are awesome. ^_^ Each episode is a great mix of action, comedy, mystery, and occasionally drama. I LOVE trying to figure out what the “real” plan is! They usually hold back a piece of the puzzle until the end of episode, and it’s cool seeing how everything fits together.

Also, Christian Kane is HAWT!!! *Fans self*


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