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Burger Buddies - Now I'm REALLY hungry.

Burger Buddies is a Winster game. In order to play you'll need to make an account! (Remember that on Winster you play games to earn prizes!) You play in a room with up to 4 other people, and you spin to get different pieces of  a burger. Then you stack them up to earn the most points possible. As a free player you have 200 spins a day.

Mmmm.... Burgers!

Members get 4 times the points, but since I advocate playing for free, here are the points for free players. ^_^
  • Regular bun (top & bottom) = 45 points
  • Sesame bun (top & bottom) = 60 points
  • Plain patty = 15 points
  • Patty with cheese = 25 points
  • Lettuce = 15 points
  • Any 3 patties stack bonus = 25 points
  • Any 4 patties stack bonus = 65 points
  • 4 CHEESE patty bonus = 30 points (stacks with regular 4 patty bonus)
The BEST burger you can make is a 4 stack cheeseburger on sesame buns. That's worth 255 points!

A finished burger has to have matching top and bottom buns, at least one meat patty, and may have lettuce on the top. To make a burger you click and drag the pieces into place. If you want to help a friend out, you can click on one of your pieces and drag it over to a piece on their side. Like so!

Here you go!

I didn't draw the green arrow. That actually shows up during trades. ^_^ In this case, I had an extra bottom bun and PANKY1 needed it to finish hir burger.

With Burger Buddies, any burgers you make are automatically submitted. So if you're trying to make a nice stack you need to be VERY careful about where your buns are. (Okay. I'll admit that sounds funny.) If you have some buns saved up you can put them together at the bottom for safety.

Buns on bottom!

When you're ready to make your burger, all you have to do is move the top bun to the top of the stack. Or you can split them and put the bottom bun at the top of the screen and the top bun at the bottom.

That's a big burger...

Like so! When you're ready all you have to do is switch the top and bottom buns!

As you spin you'll find bonus points (up to 100!) and free spins!! You can get anywhere from 3-25 free spins at a time. One day I started with 300 spins (AARP gave me 100 bonus spins for some reason) and I gained another 49 spins while playing Burger Buddy. The next day I had 200 spins and I gained 109 spins while playing!

Now, there is another bonus that isn't mentioned anywhere on Winster. And for some reason people don't discuss it, so let me fill you in.

Let's say you're in a full room and three of you happen to all spin lettuce at the same time. The lettuce picture would jolt a little, and in the bottom left message box you'd see, "You get 15 bonus points for match 3!" If four people land on the same picture at the same time then everyone gets a 35 point bonus. If all five people in the room land on the same picture, it's a 125 points bonus!!

Problem is, with everyone spinning the odds of even a match 3 bonus are pretty low. Players have figured out a way to increase the odds, and it's very simple. ^_^

Whenever you land on a plain patty, stop spinning. After several seconds the picture will fade, and then you can spin again.


I never got a 5 match bonus. :(

Since everyone stops spinning when they hit a plain patty, it means there is a HIGH chance that the group will get a match bonus. Maybe even several! I once got 3 separate match 3 bonuses on the same patty!

I don't know who came up with this idea, but it's a nearly unspoken rule. Someone actually took me aside to explain it. So now I'm passing the gift on and telling you! ^_^

Tips & Tricks

Large burgers are fun to make, but you can waste a lot of spins trying to get an extra patty. If you have an extra set of buns, consider making a small burger to free up space. Even the basic burger is worth 60 points!

Use lettuce only in burgers with 1 patty. The bonus for having a 3+ stack is worth a LOT more than the lettuce.

Don't forget that this is a GROUP GAME!!! If you have extra buns that you can't use, look to see who might need them! Extra lettuce? Trade it! When you help others they will return the favor.

In addition, don't forget to say "Thank you!" and "You're welcome!" Winster has buttons above the chat box for this very purpose. All you have to do is click them when appropriate. ^_^ People DO remember when someone never says thank you.

Final Rating

Burger Buddies was a bit of a roller coaster for me. I read the scant rules and thought it was pretty easy. Then I joined a game and got VERY confused when people told me to "hold" the plain patties. After figuring things out and running the numbers, I've come to the conclusion that Burger Buddies isn't a hard game, but it's more complex than it seems.

Now that I fully understand Burger Buddies I'm more likely to play it again. But encountering the unwritten rule was extremely frustrating. Hopefully you will have a better experience. ^_^

4 patties! Err... stars!

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