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Flaming Crates - Turn on the AC! It's hot in here!!

Flaming Crates is my current favorite at FreeSlots! It's a basic five reel game and you play up to 9 lines. Since you can never run out of credits at FreeSlots, always bet the max!

Big money! Big money!

What sets Flaming Crates apart from other slots is its "scatter bonus." It's a minigame that triggers whenever you get three crates.

One crate! Two crates! THREE crates! Ah ah ah!

If you hadn't guessed yet, this minigame is where Flaming Crates gets its name. ^_^ First, a board full of crates appears.

Which one do I choose?

Let's pick one near the middle.

Eek! What happened??

The first crate you pick will always be on fire. This is a good thing! The fire "spreads" to the crates surrounding it and you can open them for more credits and wilds. When you click on a nearby crate it might be on fire, or it might just have a number and nothing else.

Here's what it looked like when I picked a second crate. (After your first pick the only crates available are the ones near the fires.)

More crates!

Lucky for me, the next crate was on fire too! That meant I had more crates to click on. Woohoo!!

Keep clicking on crates until you're out of options. Once you're done, all of the remaining crates will reveal and you can see what you missed out on. So kind of them, isn't it? =(

I missed a lot. Thanks, guys.

If you're lucky you may end up with a few hundred credits! Unlucky... maybe 50 credits or so. But if you're SUPER lucky, you might find the 500 credit crate!

OMG! Is that for real?!

The 500 credit crate isn't on every board, and it appears in different spots. The first time I hit it I'd been playing Flaming Crates for weeks! I was so surprised that I stared at the screen in shock as the credits rolled to my account. Awesome!!!

In addition to beautiful, beautiful credits, you'll probably pick up a few wilds in the minigame too. This is the only way to get wilds!

You know I'm wild aboutcha!

Whenever you hit 150+ credits you can hit cash/credit to access your account. For further details on how FreeSlots works, please read this site review. Thanks!

Final Rating

I play Flaming Crates almost every day at FreeSlots, and I have a short attention span! If I can play something every day and not get tired of it, then you should try it at least once! ^_^

4.5 out of 5 stars! What would you rate it? What do you think of the three reel version?

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