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Showbiz Slots - Life in Tinseltown Ain't Easy!

I like slots. The two times I found myself in an actual casino, I was quite happy to spend several hours at the penny slots. Seriously. Five bucks at the penny slots will keep me entertained for a looooooooong time. ^_^

Thus, Pogo's Showbiz Slots is pure win in my book.

Win!!! Oh. I'm not winning in that photo...

The max bet is 5 tokens, but overall you will come out ahead. The first time I played it I started with about 6k tokens and I ended with over 20k.

Pay table for the max bet (5).

To keep things from being ye olde "click click click," there also is a little story that unfolds one panel at a time. Showbiz Slots is about Betsy Chiffon, a country farm girl, and her attempt to become a famous actress. Included are skeezy agents, scheming rivals, and an incredibly forgiving boyfriend.

Okay, so it's not the best plot ever. But as you progress through the story you'll pop a piece of popcorn.

When you reach the 7th piece you've finished the story and you'll get a bonus of 1,000 tokens! It will take a while to get through the whole thing. I didn't time it, but it definitely took over an hour of spinning.

Luckily, the chat rooms are pretty lively. ^_^ The community on Pogo seems to be a lot friendlier than iWon. (Probably because it's easier to connect and chat with one another.) I made several friends just by joining in the conversations. Woohoo!!

In addition to winning tokens, Showbiz Slots is a Progressive Jackpot game with a max pot of $4,999. Pogo doesn't post the odds of winning any of their games, so it's safe to assume the odds are horrific.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. The game is fun, but Pogo has several slot games with various storylines. It's unlikely that I'll stick with any story for a long time.

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