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Flush Frenzy - Fun, but not really frenzied.

Flush Frenzy is played only at BugleGames! If you like card games you should definitely try it!

Bingo! Whoops... Wrong game.

First off, Flush Frenzy is based on poker. If you don't remember what a Full House or a Straight is, click here. Come back when you're done! ^_^

Finished? Okay, let's go!

I'll have two Royal Flushes, please!

To score anything at all, you need at least a pair of Jacks or better. (Queens, Kings, and Aces are better.) When you place a bet you can wager anything from 1 to 5 coins. (Go for 5.)

Flush Frenzy is different from "regular" poker because it has Lucky Numbers and a semi-minigame when you hit a Flush!

Lucky Number

In every hand there is a Lucky Number. It's in the green box below. ^_^

King me!

If you have a winning hand AND the Lucky Number in that hand, your winnings multiply!
  • 1 Lucky Number = Double winnings
  • 2 Lucky Numbers = Quadruple winnings
  • 3 Lucky Numbers = Octuple (8x) winnings 
  • 4 Lucky Numbers = Sixteenuple (16x) winnings (Yes, I made that word up. Shhh!)
Here's how the hand turned out.


I got two pair! Ordinarily that's worth 10 points, but since I had two Lucky Numbers my winnings quadrupled! Not too shabby!

Flush Frenzy

Whenever you get a Flush, ANY Flush, you trigger the Flush Frenzy.

Let the frenzy begin!

Here's how the Flush Frenzy works. For the next 5 hands, whenever you have a card in the same suit as your Flush, your get an additional bonus of 20x your bet. This is for each card!

In the picture below, I didn't have a pair or anything. But since I had three club cards during a club frenzy, I earned 300 tokens! 20(bonus) x 5(bet) x 3(cards) = 300.


It gets even better if you have a Lucky Number. The multiplier works on the Flush bonus too. ^_^

610?! Awesome!!

That time I ended up with a pair of Aces (5 points), three club cards (300 points), and a Lucky Number! With the double score, I earned 610 tokens from one hand!

IMPORTANT: You still need a winning hand for the Lucky Number to apply. If I only had 3 clubs and nothing else, the Lucky Number would not double my winnings.

If you get another Flush during the frenzy, then a new frenzy starts for 5 rounds. It doesn't stack! If you're on round 1 of a frenzy and pull another Flush, you'll go straight into frenzy #2.

Also, the suit you're frenzying on is highlighted in green under the Flush Frenzy logo.

Well that's handy.

I've uh, gotten mixed up a few times. *^_^* It really stinks to hold on to three diamonds when the suit you want is hearts. Don't be like me! Pay attention!

Tips & Tricks

The Flush Frenzy is where you'll earn the most points. This means that you want to get as many Flushes as you can! In Quick-Draw Poker I only aim for a Flush if I have 4 cards the same suit. On Flush Frenzy I'll try for a Flush with just two or three cards of the same suit. But sometimes you'll get two suits with two cards each. What then?

First, look to see if one suit has a Jack or better. That way if I don't get a Flush, I still have a decent chance of getting a pair. In the example below I have a Queen and King of diamonds, and a six and Ace of hearts.


With the Queen and King of diamonds I double my chance of getting a Jacks or better pair, so that's what I'll pick.

If neither suit has a Jack or better, I'll look to see if one of the suits has a Lucky Number.

Ooh! I see an eight of diamonds!

This time we have a nine and three of spades, and an eight and three of diamonds. Since eight is a Lucky number, I'll grab the diamonds. It's unlikely that I'll get a Jacks or better pair on the redeal, but if I do, I want to maximize my score.

If neither suit has a Lucky Number of a Jack or better, flip a coin. ^_^

Final Rating

I enjoyed Flush Frenzy, but I kept waiting for the "frenzy" to kick in. I imagined something like a shark feeding frenzy, but with cards, I guess. *^_^* Instead I got a poker game where I set the pace. That's fine and all, but I'm not exactly a frenzied player on my own.

Anywho, it's a good game, and the addition of Lucky Numbers adds a unique twist. I'll rate this one a 3.5 out of 5 stars. What would you rate it? Better still, what would you name Flush Frenzy? Bonus points for creativity!

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