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electric box2 – An electrifying bolt of AWESOME!

If you’re here just for the hints, click this!

I really liked electric box, so you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that electric box2 was in the works! Candystand let me have a sneak peek and wow… electric box2 is amazing!

elect2C15 In addition to 40 mind boggling levels, they’ve included an easy way to access user-created levels. It’s really cool, but more on that later. ^_^


The Goal

Should you choose to accept it, your task is to get energy from one place to the other. On each level you’re given various items to accomplish this task.

elect2C16 Well that doesn’t look so hard.

The first 12 levels serve as a tutorial and introduce you to each group of items. (There are a lot of them.) After that, things quickly become complicated.

elect2C17 Okay. I can see how that’s a little challenging.

Levels 36 and 40 are particularly tough. I spent an hour on 40 before I called my hubby over to help. With both of us working, it still took another hour to figure it out!

elect2C18 *Gulp*

Tough, but it felt AWESOME to figure it out. ^_^

Part of what makes electric box2 so much difficult is the inclusion of numerous robots. In the first electric box there was only one robot, and the only thing it did was carry something over its head.

Well, now there are seven different robots!

elect2C12 Hi there!

There are bots to pull, push, carry, lift, bounce around (that one is obnoxious), push things down, and even morph into other objects!

This makes the puzzles dynamic. Things are constantly moving (did I mention the teleporters and cannons?) and you have to figure out how to make all of these things work the right way! It’s tough! But fun. ^_^ I love a good challenge! 


User Levels

If you make it through all 40 levels and crave more, check out the user-made levels!

elect2C19 Oooohh!

You can access them from the main menu. Right now there aren’t many user-made levels, but that’ll change as more people play. If you want to make your own level for fame and glory, go for it!

elect2C7 What should I make?

The level creator has a lot to offer and it’s simple to work with. Everything is laid out logically and makes sense.  Woohoo! ^_^

I’m usually not very good at creating levels, but I love seeing what other people come up with. The addition of user-created levels means that electric box2 will never get stale. There will always be new content for you to try!


Tips & Hints

Everything has a purpose. If you’re stuck, look to see if there’s an extra-long wire you’re not using. It might be that you have something positioned incorrectly.

And of course, every item in the inventory is supposed to be used. If you find a shortcut you can contact the creators here. They will update the game as needed. ^_^

Don’t be afraid to turn the power on! Even if you know it’s not set up right, sometimes it helps just to see how things are moving.

Each level on electric box2 comes with one hint. There’s no penalty for using the hint! If you read the hint and you’re still completely stumped, well here are a few extra hints for the trickier levels. To see the hint put your cursor right after the dash, click, and hold the click while you move your cursor down.

Level 25 – Twins often have different interests.

Level 28 – Sunshine hides behind Spring. Only after Spring has moved on can the light fully warm the Earth.

Level 30 – Two men enter. One man leaves!

Level 31 – What goes up, must come down.

Level 34 – I’m made of rubber, you’re made of glue. Cannonballs bounce off of me and.. kill you?

Level 36 – Music stirs the soul! And hamsters. And robots.

Level 40 – The contractor called, and he said that those wind chimes have to move.

If you’re still stuck, a walkthrough is available. But be warned! All of the walkthroughs are complete solutions! No step-by-step instructions, just BAM here’s the solution. Candystand saves your progress, so before you head to the walkthrough, I suggest taking a break. Sometimes you just need to rest before you can spot the solution.


Final Rating

electric box2 is extremely challenging. It took me probably 8 hours (no joke) to make it through all 40 levels. When I played through again I still got stuck a few times! *^_^*

Honestly, it’s an amazing game. I loved the first electric box, and electric box2 is leaps and bounds beyond that. Definite 5 out of 5 stars! It’s also out publically out today! Go try it!

If you’ve already tried it, what levels did you get stuck on? Do you have any hints (not solutions) that you want to share with other readers?


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