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electric box - A refreshing jolt of AWESOME!

Electric box is a FANTASTIC game from Candystand! The concept is simple. Get an electric current to a target. To do this you will use steam, condensers, fans, lasers, and more!

There are fifteen puzzles total. The first few are pretty easy, and there are helpful hints to guide you.

Electric box, I'm so attracted to you. <3

As you progress the puzzles get tougher. A lot tougher.

Our relationship is steamy! xoxo

I was stuck on level 14 for a long time. It's quite a challenge!

Yes, you really blow me away, electric box. <3

A few puzzles took me 20 minutes to complete! But the feeling of accomplishment.. it's awesome. ^_^ And uh...

*Looks at the last three pictures*

Um.. what's up with the vaguely suggestive captions?

Monkey!!! :PPPPP

Righto. I'm glad we had this talk. >_<

Tips & Tricks

1. There are no "extra" pieces. You'll need to use every single item in the inventory in order to complete the puzzle!

2. Some items don't have to be on a wire. The mirrors and blocker can be placed anywhere on the puzzle. It took me five minutes staring at the first laser puzzle to figure that one out. *^_^*

3. Don't be afraid to turn on the power! It can help you spot mistakes and figure out what went wrong.

4. Sometimes it's easier to work from the target to the power source. It may seem weird, but it helps!


I'm including hints for some of the tougher puzzles. To see them, right-click and highlight the text. These are hints not solutions!

Puzzle 12: Fans work best when they're blowing at the steam instead of the kettle.

Puzzle 14: You need three fans blowing to the right to charge up the 3rd circuit. But to reach the last steam detector you need four fans. Maybe the robot could help!

Puzzle 15: Sometimes you want to drop the ball. On everything.

Final Rating

I love electric box! The puzzles are a great challenge. ^_^ When I played through a second time, sometimes I still had to stop and figure it out again. As an added plus, the score needed for the Gold Trophy is pretty high. There's a reason to come back and replay the puzzles. I love that! *Thumbs up*

No doubt in my mind, this is a solid 5 star game.

I can hardly wait for electric box 2! (Coming soon!)

If you need help with any of the puzzles, leave a comment and say what level you're stuck on. I'll give you whatever hints I can think of. ^_^

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