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Super Chef - The Saga Begins

In the continuing series of food-related games, we have Super Chef from Gamesville!! ^_^

Super Chef is easy once you know how to play, but man, it's hard to explain! Thankfully, Gamesville made a wonderful tutorial on how to play, and it includes both screenshots and videos!

Despite this, people still have trouble "getting it." I'm not sure if I can really help, but here goes.

The Basics

In Super Chef you look for 4 matching foods that form a square or rectangle. When you've found one, click a corner, then click the corner diagonal from it. This briefly turns everything inside the box into the same food as the corners, and then the food is replaced!

To reach the next level you need to complete the shopping list by gathering ingredients. In the above picture, the player gathered 9 eggplants.

Tonight I'll be making.. a weird salad.

On easy mode there are 4 different foods on the board. Medium has 5 foods, and hard mode has 6 foods. With the harder modes you also have to gather MORE of each food too. It's tough. >_<

How many levels are there? I have no idea. I got to 31 and called it a night. (What? I was tired!) The game might be endless.

If you get stuck on a level, wait a moment and watch the board. One food item will start pulsing. This item is part of a match! Eventually the other 3 corners start dancing, and then the match is obvious. ^_^

So! Those are the basic rules of Super Chef. Read on to learn about wild cards, bonuses, and how to W-I-N!

Wild Cards

There are three different types of wild cards in Super Chef. These can be used for ANY food match! First off, you have the letters W, I, and N. (Shown later.)

Then you have plain wild cards (right pic) and bonus points (left pic.)

"Capturing" the bonus inside a food match will also earn the points. ^_^

Super Chef Bonus

Whenever you make a food match an encouraging-yet-hilarious message pops up. (I think "Sassy!" is my favorite. ^_^)

If you manage to clear the entire board at once, that's a Super Chef! To do this, all four corners have to be the same food.

Are those steaks or chocolate? Tasty either way..

It may take some work to get there. ^_^ When you're finished just click on two opposite corners!


If you can't tell, that's the screen I got right *after* I clicked the corners. Now I have all new foods to play with!

And just cuz I'm proud of it, here's a pic of Super Chef! on hard level. Three times the bonus points!

This took forever!

Time Bonus

Gamesville didn't want people to feel stressed with this game, so they don't have a visible timer. But uh.. yeah, there's an invisible timer. If you finish a level in 3 minutes or less you'll get a 1,000 point bonus! You lose bonus points every few seconds after that, until it reaches 0. Just remember, it's a bonus!

On easy level the bonus is quite nice! I've yet to finish a medium or hard board in under 5 minutes though. :(

Bonus Matches

At the bottom of the board is a curious bar. Each time you make a match, it changes to show the new food.

Mmmm... Red bell peppers!

If you make six matches of the same food in a row, that's a match bonus!


In addition to the bonus points, ALL of the remaining food type is cleared from the board! If you check the above pic you'll see that I made a match of 6 steaks, and now there are none on the board! This makes it MUCH easier to get whatever ingredients you still need.


Super Chef has several cash prizes, but in order to win any of them, you have to spell W-I-N. The letters show up randomly on your board.

You "grab" a letter by completing a food match with the letter inside.

 Option 1.

OR you can use the letter as a wildcard, and use it to finish a food match!

Option 2.

Unfortunately, whenever you finish a level you have to start over with collecting W-I-N. Bummer. :(

Ladies and gents, it turns out that there is just too much Super Chef awesomeness for one post! Tomorrow, in addition to the final rating, you'll find advanced tips and *drumroll* a way for non-gold members to get 2x jackpots for a month on Super Chef!!

You read that right. ^_^ I found the double jackpot "trick" posted on Gamesville itself, so it's nothing illegal or scammy. Come back tomorrow to find out how to get it!

UPDATE: Part 2 is up! <------ Click on that

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