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Sweet Tooth 2 - A dentist's nightmare.

Sweet Tooth 2 is a match 3 game available at Pogo. There are two ways to play it: classic and caramel. Both are pretty fun, but they're quite different! By default you start out in caramel mode. If you want to play classic, click on the Classic Rooms tab first!

Ooh! Thanks!

Classic Mode

In classic mode you need to work through three boards to earn a jackpot spin. Switch candies around vertically or horizontally to create a line of three or more of the same type candy. It must create a match 3 or it won't work! The game will say "nuh-uh!" and switch the pieces back.


Every time you make a match of 3 candies or more, the candies fly over to Toothy and the remaining candies fill the gap.


The health bar (at the bottom) slowly drains as you play. But every time you make a match, the health bar fills up a little bit. Think of it like running up an escalator. ^_^ In order to get anywhere you have to move up faster than the escalator moves down.

In classic Sweet Tooth 2 you complete a board by getting the health bar to full! If you do this three boards in a row, you'll earn a jackpot spin. It's a progressive jackpot with a max prize of $4999, but you'll most likely win Pogo tokens.

There are three different difficulty levels in classic Sweet Tooth 2. The boards are same, but the health bar goes down a bit quicker. I've played this type of game a lot, and level 3 wasn't a problem for me. *Shrugs*

Caramel Mode

Oh no! The factory exploded and got caramel all over the floor! The only way to get it off is to match 3 pieces of candy together, and then the caramel will vanish. Oh, and this time you can switch pieces diagonally too!

Yes. Mmhmm. I see. Tell me more!

Caramel mode has 5 difficulty levels and several board shapes.


The only way to complete a level is to clear off all of the caramel!

A work in progress.

Clear the caramel off of three boards in a row to earn a jackpot spin! It's a progressive jackpot with a max value of $4,999. Again, you'll most likely get Pogo tokens. ^_^

Each match you make adds a little bit of health (time) to the health bar. If it runs out before the caramel is gone, you lose! :(

Special Pieces

Caramel mode in Sweet Tooth 2 has eight different special pieces. Whenever you make a match 5 you'll get a wild candy! This candy can be matched with anything.


I've earned a wild several times, but I've never had a chance to use it. I always end up setting off a chain reaction and it makes a match on its own. Ah well.

Next, the five powerups!

1. The lightning bolt will remove all of one type of candy. You pick which one!


2. The slightly radioactive chocolate chip cookie (SRC3) removes random candies across the board. It might also take out other powerups too, so save this one for last!

It's great with radioactive milk!

3. The square meal takes out all of the candies in a 3x3 area.

This many.

4. An event horizon will take out all of the candies in its row.


5. Lastly, the vertical limit removes all of the candies in its column. And yes, I made up the names for all of the powerups. ^_^

You must be *this* tall to ride.

The next two special pieces appear only on levels 4 and 5 in caramel mode. Iced candies have a layer of icing around them, or so I've been told.

Extra sugar? I'm game!

To completely remove them you have to use them in two matches. Until the layer of icing is gone, you can't switch them with another piece. However, considering that they fall like regular pieces, and the first match you make with them will remove the caramel background, I don't see what the big deal is. *Shrugs*

The last special piece is also available only on levels 4 and 5. It's a chocolate coin!

Wow. That thing is creepy.

If you match three coins together you'll earn 150 points! (Each additional coin in the match adds 50 points.) Every ten points equals 1 Pogo token, so that means 15 tokens. Doesn't sound like much, but it's better than the 5 points per candy that you usually get.

Tips & Tricks

In classic mode, work from the bottom to maximize the number of chains you'll set off. You'll score more points and fill the health bar faster!

There isn't really a set method for caramel mode, as your actions will depend on what's on the board. Here are a few things to consider.
  • Are there any immediately visible moves at the top? Although you probably won't set off chains, clearing the top row of caramel isn't something you want to save for last. It's much easier to move pieces down instead of up.
  • What powerups do you have? I usually set them off as soon as possible. Powerups can and will clear other powerups if they're in the line of fire. Figure out the best order before you set them off!
  • Don't forget that you can move pieces diagonally!
If you're a Pogo Club member and are working toward a badge, wait to finish the game. If you have one caramel piece left, make matches away from that piece to keep your health bar up and prolong the game.

Final Rating (and a tiny gripe)

The two different modes of Sweet Tooth 2 honestly make it two games in one. I prefer classic mode. Try both and see what you like!

But there is one thing that's in both modes and I really dislike it. It's Toothy the tooth. He starts freaking out before I'm even at half health, which in turn freaks ME out and I get distracted.

Think I'm exaggerating? Take a look.

Wait, what?

If you can't read that, he's telling me that I'm running out of time. And as you can see, I have more than half health left. I'm fine!

As the bar decreases he gets more dramatic and whiny. It's totally unnecessary!

There's no crying in baseball!

I rate this one 3 out of 5 stars. Yes, I dislike Toothy that much. But that's my opinion. ^_^ What would you rate it?

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