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Chain Gang - Solid Gold Rules!

Chain Gang is played only at Winster, where you play to earn prizes! The game is kinda tough to explain, so bear with me.

You have a 3x3 grid and you "spin" to get pieces of chain. Link them together to make as long a chain as you can! Oh, and you play in a room with up to 4 other people. It's possible to end up alone though.

So alone!!

There are three types of chain pieces: Straight, corner, and end. To move pieces you just click and drag them. Most finished chains will use end pieces.

Ooooh! A 9 piece chain! Excellent!

But you can also use the corner chains to make a circle!

Aww! It's cute!

That's just a small circle. You could easily make a long oval or a large rounded square. In my opinion. corner pieces are more useful than end pieces. But you have to work with what you get. ^_^


Completed chains are submitted automatically. So be VERY careful when moving pieces around your board! I accidentally made short chains many, many times. It's frustrating. =(

You want to make your chains as long as possible! Here's what they're worth:
  • 2 links = 25 points
  • 3 links = 40 points
  • 4 links = 65 points
  • 5 links = 110 points
  • 6 links = 190 points
  • 7 links = 275 points
  • 8 links = 375 points
  • 9 links = 500 points!!
If you recall, in Bingo Bash you actually get more points per square for smaller patterns. That's not the case here! The shortest chain (2) is worth 12.5 points per link. The longest chain (9) is worth 55.6 points per link!! That's a huge increase!

As always, paying members get quadruple the points. ^_^


Trading pieces is an important aspect of Winster games. And it's easy! ^_^ Just click on the piece you want to trade and drag it to the piece you want. If the person accepts the trade then the pieces will switch.

Neon green arrow courtesy of Winster.

Although trading is an important part of Winster as a whole, I don't feel that trading helps Chain Gang very much. I always like to see if I have a piece someone else needs, but unless they were one away from a 9-link chain I had no idea what they needed.

Tips & Tricks

1. While you're trying to build a 9-link chain, just remember the Solid Gold Rule.




S, G, and R are three 9-link patterns. It might be flipped around or rotated, but you can find one of these letters in every 9-link chain.

I apologize that the S and G pictures aren't "true" chains, as they're missing an end link. I had a hard time getting shots because the chains blink when they're complete. Just pretend that they're finished. ^_^ 

2. Long chains are great, but sometimes you need to make small chains just to make room. Don't waste 30 spins if you're not even close to a 9 chain!

3. ALWAYS say "Thank you!" Winster makes this very easy to do! Just hit the "ty" button and you'll say "Thank you!" You don't even have to type. ^_^

Use these buttons! Please!

People DO remember those who appear ungrateful. Be polite and others will be more inclined to help you out.

Final Rating

I hate to admit it, but I don't think I'm smart enough for this game. *^_^* Seeing patterns out of chaos is fun sometimes, but... well....

Fine! I'll admit it. I got very frustrated playing Chain Gang. It seemed that every time I figured out how to make a long chain I would accidentally made a short chain while I moved pieces around. Why can't it be like Bingo Bash, where you hit "submit" when you're ready? *Headdesk*

I appreciate that this is a cool puzzle, and I think some people would have a lot of fun with it. But my brain just doesn't like Chain Gang. *^_^*

4 out of 5 stars.

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