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Celebration and an apology.

Celebration first. ^_^ As you may have noticed, Fun Money Games is now Free 2 Win Games. I had to make the change in order to... *drumroll*... register a domain! YAY!!!!!!

If you got here through the old links, please update your bookmarks and RSS feed. ^_^ We are now Free2WinGames.com!

Along with a fancy new domain I got a fancy new email address! It's listed on the About page, along with ALL of my screen names for the sites I play.

Now, for the apology.

I have no idea how this happened, but during the move, all of the comments were lost. I have the entries for the month-long contest saved on a spreadsheet, so those are fine. But the Slingo key-chain contest ended today, and the entries are all gone. =(

In truth, I don't think we'd hit the minimum requirement of 5 contestants, but I hate that I can't even check. I'm really sorry about that. I'll re-run the keychain contest on the next Slingo game review.

Also, all of the ratings vanished. (The little star things at the bottom of each post.) If you have time, please rate your favorite posts again and enjoy the plethora of reviews and guides laying around. ^_^ Speaking of which, have you tried InterWheel yet?

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