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Vector TD – To arms!!

Vector TD is a tower defense game available at Candystand. (TD = Tower Defense. I totally didn’t know that. *^_^*)

vectorlogoOoooh! Looks fancy.

There are eight different maps and they’re arranged in three difficulty levels.

switchback The Switchback map is for beginners. Like me!

Clearly this isn’t a treasure map or a you-are-here map. So what gives?

On each map you’ll face 50 waves of vectoids. Vectoids are colorful squiggles that want nothing more than to get to the finish line highlighted in red. But you don’t want them to get there! So you set up “towers” to attack and destroy them.

level38 Meanie!

Each tower has an attack range and there are different types of damage, so read up on them before you buy. (Cash is limited.)

Now, whenever a vectoid passes the red finish line you lose a life. (You start out with 20.) The surviving vectoids come right back through the green starting line to give you another chance to kill them. How nice! ^_^

There are six different vectoids and four of them have “sorta” weaknesses. (Towers the same color as them hit for 150% damage.) But the hardest/most annoying vectoid has to be the yellow spinners. >_<

yellowspinners Hey!! Get back here!!!

They are freakin’ FAST! The first time you get them you’ll probably be racing to set up more towers before the spinners reach the exit.

The hard grey vectoids also have a tag-a-long buddy. When you kill it you’ll get a bonus point. Bonus points can be used to increase your interest percentage, buy 5 lives, buy a damage boosting tower, or buy a range boosting tower. (Missiles & lasers go further. Yay!!!)

If you make it through all 50 levels, you win! Play again to try and beat your score! (My best is 4 mil.)


Tips & Tricks

1. You collect interest on how much money you have at the start of each level. If at all possible, wait to buy a tower or upgrade until the level has started.

2. Blue towers don’t have very high damage, but they slow down vectoids tremendously. Mixing blue towers with red towers (highest damage) is a deadly combination.

3. Every 5th level you’ll fight the hard grey vectoids and pick up a bonus point. I suggest putting the first point or two into interest. More $$$ = more towers!

4. You can also buy (with bonus points) items that increase tower damage. The effects stack, so place them strategically. A level 10 red rocket with doubled damage can deal out a lot of hurt!

5. Does the game feel too slow? Near the top there’s an option to auto-load each level. As soon as one wave of vectoids is gone, the next wave will start! You can turn auto on and off whenever you want. ^_^

6. You can sell towers at any point in the game. You’ll get back 75% of the cash that you put into it, which isn’t too bad.


Final Rating

I had a LOT of fun playing Vector TD, even though I died a lot. *^_^* When I finally reached level 50 I felt like I’d conquered the world! (I’d be a benevolent dictator, in case you were worried.)

However, my winning strategy uses only two types of towers! (4-5 maxed red rockets and the blue level 1 lasers.) The green and purple lasers are useless, which is disappointing.

Still, entertainment is valuable. ^_^ I’ll say this is 3.8 out of 5 stars.

What would you rate it? Do you like tower defense games? Have you ever tried them before? (I’m usually terrible at this type of game!)


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