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In the works.


This is a brief update to let you know what’s coming soon. ^_^ I’m workin’ away, but the next few guides may be a little slow. (Sorry!) Here’s what you can expect!

  • Guide for the Slingo Daily Challenge
  • Kanji’s Adventure – Advanced Class (more tips!)
  • OODLES of stuff for the 1 year blogiversary!! ^_^
  • New prize for the February P4P prize table!

If you haven’t noticed the new calendar, take a look! You can scroll ahead to see what’s coming up in future weeks. The calendar isn’t completely finished yet, but it’s still pretty neat! You can scroll through the days and even see what February’s bonus is going to be!

I’d like to let people add birthdays to the calendar, but I haven’t thought of a safe way to do that yet. Any suggestions?

Oh, and there’s less than a week left to get the triple bonus on comments. If you’re desperate for points but don’t know what to say, check out the Open Discussion threads!

Lastly, I’ll be out of town next Monday-Tuesday, so if the site explodes or something goes wonkus and needs fixing, you’ll have to wait until my return! (No, I don’t have a 3g/4g phone. I rarely go out so I don’t even have a cell! Seriously!)

I fibbed about the last “lastly.” Tonight I scored 193k in Kanji’s Adventure. Just wanted to brag a little. *^_^*


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