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Word Noodle – Now with 50% more spelling sauce!

Word Noodle is a word game at Bugle Games. It’s a cross between Tumble Bees and Boggle Bash, and it’s pretty fun!

Word Noodle board Whoa! Lots of letters! o_O

Yeah, it’s a big board. ^_^ You have 300 seconds (5 minutes) to make as many words as you can! Whenever you make a word the tiles vanish and new ones take their place!

vanishing letter tiles Poof!

Words can be anywhere from 2-11 letters long. Each letter tile has a number on it, like in Scrabble. But in Word Noodle, the score is multiplied by the number of letters in the word! A four letter word has a 4x multiplier. A seven letter word has a 7x multiplier, and so on.

For an extra bonus, when you make a 5+ letter word you’ll get a blue bonus tile. Use it in a word for an extra 250 points!

blue bonus tile I’ll spell I-C-O-N.

Sadly, the multiplier doesn’t affect the bonus. ~_~ (I checked.) On the upside, you can have up to five blue bonus tiles on the board at any time.

blue bonus tile bonanza Ooooh!

Now, here comes the tricky part. To make a word you click on each letter one at a time. The letters have to touch in some way. (Diagonals count.) Sounds like Boggle Bash, right? Well here’s how it’s different: New letters can connect to any letter in the word. Take a look.

connecting letters in Word Noodle “Sniper.” Are you trying to tell me something?

The letters jump around a little, but they’re all connected to each other. In picture on the bottom right I replaced the letters with numbers. Hopefully you can see how they’re connected. ^_^

"sniper" in tiles showing how to spell in Word Noodle

Oh! I see what you mean. ^_^

If you’re trying to make a huge word, and you run out of useful letters, just hit one of the stars above the word list.

shuffle starsStars!

Clicking a star will shuffle all of the letters around the word that you’re making! You only get 3 shuffles each game. Use them wisely!


Final Rating

I like the concept and the execution of Word Noodle. My one problem is that the rounds are far too long. Part of the appeal (to me) in word games is that I’m racing the clock. With this one I feel no rush at all. Instead I think, “Is it over yet?” ~_~

So for me, this one is 3 stars out of 5. What do you think of Word Noodle? What do you like (or dislike) about it? Or do you totally hate word games? ^_^


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