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Battle Tank – Ah, happy days!

When I was 12 years old my Dad networked his two home office computers together and installed a game called NetWars. The graphics were simple, but the game was awesome. Each player picked a ship and then zoomed around in space picking up shields and weapons. Oh, and you tried to kill each other. There was that too. ^_^

We’d play it on Sunday afternoons with the den lights turned off, both of us focused intently on our monitors. Sweat dripped down my sides as I slowly got his ship in my sights and held down the “fire” key. I routinely beat the tar outta’ him. He still brings it up at family events. ^_^

So when I settled down to try Battle Tank at iWon, a delicious chill went down my spine when I saw this:

Battle Tank start screenWOOHOOO!!!

Battle Tank uses simple graphics and a clear mission: Destroy all of the tanks before they destroy you!

Controls are easy. You can use a mouse or the arrow keys to move around. (I prefer the arrow keys.) To fire you just hit the space bar.

destroyed tank Ka-pow!!!

Of course, the other tanks aren’t just sitting around twiddling their thumbs. They’re constantly firing too. Luckily, you only need one shot to kill them, but they have to hit you three times to take you out. After hit #2 you lose your radar. ~_~

We lost the radar! We lost radar!!

The wonky lines stay on your screen, which kinda sucks. I rarely used the radar anyway though. *^_^* I just kept zooming around until I saw red “missiles” fly past me or until I found a tank to squash.

Enemy sighted! Yes, you’ll do nicely. *Evil laugh*

There are a few “buildings” in the board, so don’t fire at every single thing you see. Also, the game is divided into levels. I couldn’t figure out whether each level was completed by making a certain number of kills or by surviving until some invisible clock ran out. In truth, I only made it to level 2 a few times and level 3 only once. But I had a lot of fun in the process. ^_^


Tips & Tricks

Just one tip for this one. A moving target is much harder to hit, so don’t stay still! Keep moving and the other tanks will have a hard time pinning you down.


Final Rating

I know that Battle Tank’s main appeal to me is that it reminds me of playing NetWars with my Dad. Of course I like a game that evokes such happy memories! Can you blame me?

To me this game is a 5, because I feel so gosh darn happy playing it. But this is where you get to share your opinion too! Go play Battle Tank and come back here to give your own rating. It won’t take long. ^_^


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