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Candy Store – Satisfy your sweet tooth!

Candy Store logo

Candy Store is a 5-reel slot game on FreeSlots! Like all of the games there, this one is very easy to play. You can’t run out of credits so be sure you always play 9 lines!

winning 100 credits on Candy Store Woohoo!

All in all, Candy Store is very straight forward. Spin the reels, get credits, and if you’re very lucky, trigger the bonus game!

Candy Store Double woohooo!

The bonus game activates whenever you have two halves of a chocolate bar line up. Then you’re taken to a candy store!

bonus game in Candy Store Oooh! I want the 100 credit candy, please!

Inside the store you’ll see tubes of candy with various numbers on them. Whenever you click on a tube you get the candy at the bottom. You can only take 7 candies, so take your time and think about it! If I want that 100 credit candy (and I do) I’ll need to take 2 candies before I can reach it.

Also, see the sign to the right that says, “Go to the next store?” There are a total of THREE candy stores in this minigame, and once you move on you can’t go back. Usually there’s at least one 100 credit candy, but not always. (The highest I’ve seen was 200 credits.)

When you finish picking your seven candies you’ll get the credits and head back to the main game.

180 credits from the bonus game I want more!!

That’s all there is to it! I told you it’s an easy game. ^_^


Final Rating

My favorite game on FreeSlots is still Flaming Crates, but Candy Store is starting to grow on me! (Not literally.) It took me a little bit to figure out the bonus game, and it’s a lot more fun now that I know how to play. ^_^

Still, I’d say this is an average slot game. 3 stars out of 5. What would you rate it? Do you have a favorite game on FreeSlots?


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