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Vaults of Atlantis Slots - St. Paddy's Edition!

*Reads the pic.* Thrills guaranteed!! Sweet! Oh, and Pogo decided to make it St. Patrick's day themed. Ordinarily there aren't clovers, rainbows, or leprechauns in Atlantis. Just go with it for today. ^_^

This is another slot game from Pogo, but it's completely different from Showbiz Slots. Atlantis Slots has 5 reels instead of 3, and no story unfolds as you play. You can bet up to 9 lines with 5 tokens per line. Max bet is 45 tokens per spin.

I can haz Jackpot?

There is a small scatter bonus. Any time 3 or more of the "SCATTER!" icons show up you'll earn bonus tokens.

In addition there is a short minigame. Each time you get 3 (or more) of the stone chests in a row the minigame will open. You'll be shown a series of 7 chests and you get to pick 3 (or more) chests.


Inside each chest is a number of extra tokens. Select which ones you want and hope for the best!

60 tokens. Yay.......

Each time you finish the minigame your little dude will advance one doorway at the bottom.

A wee one is he!

When he gets up the stairs a final minigame will trigger.

Hmmm.... Which one should I pick?

Each panel hides a token amount or a shark. As long as you find shark-free panels you can keep on clicking and the bonus multiplier at the very top will increase. But as soon as you find a shark it's game over. There are 3 sharks and 9 panels, so your odds aren't great to begin with.

Once this minigame is gone your little dude is booted back to the very first door and you have to work your way back to the stairs again.

On the regular board you may notice what look to be stone carvings of sea creatures in the 4th and 5th wheels. I haven't figured the point of the carvings in the 4th wheel, but if a stone creature lands on the middle row in the 5th wheel, you lose any potential payouts for that turn. Oh, and a creature will come out and chase your little dude, which is cute to watch. ^_^

Sounds like a fun game, right?

Well, there is one MAJOR failing in Atlantis Slots. The payouts are crap. I spent well over an hour getting pics for this post. By the time I was done I was *maybe* 1,000 tokens richer. Winning was rare and often wasn't enough to cover my bet. That's far less than thrilling in my book.

On the upside, if your sole focus is the Jackpot you can place the min bet and qualify for the JP. Just don't forget to bet 9 lines!

Vaults of Atlantis Slots is a Progressive Jackpot game, with a max payout of $4,999. Odds of winning are not posted, but you can safely assume that the odds are terrible.

Final Rating
2.5 out of 5 stars.

This isn't a terrible slots game, but it isn't a very good one either. If you've played it, let me know what you think! And please, PLEASE have a safe Paddy's day!

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