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Chicktionary - No roosters allowed.

Chicktionary is a word game on Club Bing. ^_^ Club Bing is a site where you earn prizes. The entire point of the site is to get people to use the Bing search engine, so keep that in mind.

It appears the Independence Day decorations are still up. ^_^

Okay! You're at a hen house, and each hen holds a letter.

Is "piarcvy" a word?

Use your keyboard to arrange the letters in different ways. Each letter can only be used once. If you spell a recognized word, you'll see a green check mark by WORD.

Everybody poops.

Hit "enter" to submit the word, and you'll see it appear in the eggs. If your brain gets stuck, just hit shuffle to move the letters around. ^_^


There's no timer, so don't rush. And if you need help there are a few hints. ^_^

You see, the full game window is actually like this.


Yup. There's a handy-dandy search engine attached to the game. Most of the words you submit will pop up in the search engine below. To be honest, I don't pay much attention to the results. However, if you use the hint button the game will give you a clue via the search engine. It's kind of fun sometimes. ^_^

On the downside, not every word has a hint. ~_~ Once they're done you're on your own.

When you can't think of anything else, click "Give Up." Once you give up for the round, you can't add any more words to the screen. It's a shame, because once you see some of the words you missed, you'll probably think of other ones. Ah well.

The reward is in tickets. Most of the time I average about 12. Woohoo!

Final Rating

Chicktionary is a very basic word game. However, this is one of the few I've found that don't have a timer, which is nice. The hints are another neat aspect. But honestly, my favorite part is hitting the backspace and sending the letters back to the chickens. It's a must see. ^_^

3 out of 5 stars.

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