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Collapse - AHHHHH!!!!!

The research for this post (game playing) and the writing of this post were done with a sleepy kitten in my lap, who insisted on shoving her nose in the crook of my arm whilst purring most vigorously.

There. I saved you a trip to cuteoverload today. ^_^

iWon's Collapse is a click-3-make'em-vanish game. You start with three different colors of bricks and get a forth color as you progress.

I always die on lvl 9, so I have NO idea how many total colors there are.

When you see 3 (or more) bricks of the same color together, just click on them and they will vanish. But you have to be quick, because more lines are added at the bottom of the screen while you play. If the blocks reach the top it's game over.

To help you clear blocks quicker, there are also bombs. The black bombs will take out a HUGE chunk of blocks near it. The colored bombs will take out ALL of that color brick on the screen. But you have to click *exactly* on the bomb for it to work. If you have a blue bomb that's touching 2 blue bricks, then touching either of the bricks will "use" the bomb as a 3rd brick, and they'll all just vanish. No extra blue blocks will be removed. :(

If you manage to clear the entire screen at any point, you get a bonus of 10,000 points x the current level.

No bonus points for leaving one block on the screen. :(

This game is quite addictive and can really get your heart pounding. The first levels often feel a little slow, but it speeds up fast! Starting around lvl 7 I constantly hear my inner-voice excitedly shrieking that I'm going to die. ^_^

The all-time high score is over 20,000,000. My highest score is 370,148. (Scroll up! Screenshot!) I have NO idea how that people score in the millions. I want to think that they're cheating, but alas, I must admit that they are just better than I am at Collapse.

iWon Collapse is a Progressive Jackpot game with a max pot of $2,000. I usually get 5+ spins per game.

Reality Check:
The odds of winning the Progressive Jackpot are "no worse" than 1 in 20,000,000.
The odds of having an ER-worthy accident involving a bed, pillow, or mattress are 1 in 537.9.

*Eyes bed cautiously*

Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars. ^_^ I just keep coming back to this game!!

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