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InterWheel - Hop, skip, and die!

InterWheel is another great game from KadoKado. At KadoKado you play to earn gift certificates, and you get 4 free plays each day!

Well hello there!

In InterWheel your goal is to get a little black blob from one wheel to the next. I call them Darkings. (+50 P4P points to the 1st person that gets the reference! ^_^)

The controls are easy! You just click your mouse to make the Darking jump.


All of the wheels are moving, and that really affects your velocity and direction!

You earn points in two ways.
  1. Climb higher - Just making it from one wheel to the next earns you a few points!
  2. Grab bonus beads - You'll see green and blue beads hanging out in space. If the Darking is near enough, they'll fly right to hir! Green beads are 300 points, blue beads are 1,000, and red beads are 5,000!
    IMPORTANT: A green blob on a wheel is NOT a bonus bead! It's a bomb, and touching it will end your game!!

    Green booger of dooooooooooom!!

    The booger-bomb is a quick way to die. But below you, out of sight, is a ton of water!! And Darkings can't swim!


    This creeping wall of water is "incentive" to hop up the tower as fast as you can. You can survive a few moments under water, so try not to panic-jump. (I totally panic-jump. It never works! AGH!!) Just hop to a wheel and slingshot your way out of there!

    Kado Points

    Every time you play a game on KadoKado you're given a challenge. (They call it a "contract," but I think that sounds scary.) If you can beat the challenge score then you earn Kado points!

    Good luck!

    The score to beat changes each time, and the reward points are always different!

    Another fantastic way to get Kado points is to earn a star. You can get one star per game per Kalendar period. (Two weeks.) Think of stars like trophies. ^_^
    • Green star (10 KP) - Score 16,847+ points.
    • Orange star (50 KP) - Score 28,881+ points.
    • Maroon star (100 KP) - Score 34,898+ points.
    At the end of the Kalendar period any stars you have will be turned in for KP!

    A third way to earn Kado points is to get in the top ranked players. This earns you another 100 KP! The number of top ranked players is a percentage of total players instead of a fixed number. Give it your best shot and see what you can do!

    Final Rating

    I'm not terribly coordinated, so InterWheel isn't my favorite game. *^_^* But I still enjoy playing it and crying out, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" when my little Darking drowns. Again.

    4.5 stars out of 5!

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