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Friendly reminder: There are tons of ways to get extra entries in the RSS contest. Don't forget! ^_^

Now to the news!

IWON is having a special Spongebob Squarepants Collapse event! It runs from July 13th (tomorrow) at 9 a.m. EST through July 16th at 3 a.m. EST.

During this event everyone will get 3x the normal payout. AND there's a limited edition badge. AND they are giving $500 to six lucky winners! ^_^ To win, keep an eye on the chat. An account named IWON_PRIZE_OFFICER will come in and ask, "What's the best online gaming site?" If you're the first to say "IWON" then you win $500!

It should be fun! I'll try to Tweet some reminders so you don't miss out. ^_^

Smaller News

Slingo tournaments are now 1 hour long instead of 30 minutes. It's still 5,000 coins to enter and the pot still goes up 10,000 coins for each person. The only thing that changed is how long the tournaments last.

I *think* this means that the tournys will have more players and the pots will be bigger. We'll see!

Now you may recall that back in May I berated Candystand for running excessively long contests (average length of 2-3 months) and giving away very little. Shortly after that post I got a Tweet from the president of Candystand! o_O He said that he knew there were issues with the prizes, and that they were working on it.

Well, they did!


In June I noticed that all of the prizes had a 1-month entry, and it was a total of $400 in prizes! That's almost double what they were previously giving away each month!

This month the prizes have a 1-month entry again; it seems the shortened entry period was not a one time thing. ^_^

I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm very glad that they've made shorter contests and are giving away more. ^_^ On the other hand, they still give away very little. In comparison, Slingo is also completely free (no membership option) and they give away $6,800 a month. They also get less than half the traffic that Candystand does.

Of course, I have no idea how much it costs to keep either site running. I'm sure that makes a HUGE difference.

Reminder: The Spigo recipe contest is open until the 23rd! The three people that submit the most recipes will win a prize!

They haven't said what the prize is, but I'm betting that it's Gold days. And I know at least 2 freeples (free players) who miss the autospin feature on slots. =(

Lastly, if you have ever won anything from a free game, please fill out this survey! I want to start a new feature about winners. ^_^

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!


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