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Calling all winners!!

I know it may be a long, long time before I win anything. To keep hope alive I want to hear from the winners! ^_^ Included in this post is a cool survey I put together. All of the collected info is sent privately to my email.  I hope to get enough info to start a new feature called The Winners' Circle.

In this feature I'll post stories from people who've won. Sometimes losing is easier when you know who the prize went to. ^_^

It shouldn't take long to fill out, but if you have any questions PLEASE leave a comment before you fill out the survey. Oh! And some of the sites listed are ones I haven't covered yet. *^_^* But they're all legit.

IMPORTANT: Only fill out this survey if you've won something!!

Free2WinGames.com Winners' Circle
Where did you win?*

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How did you win? Check all that apply.*
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What did you do with your winnings? (Optional!)

How long did you play before your FIRST win?*
 Less than a year 
 1-3 years 
 4-5 years 
 6+ years 
How long has it been since your LAST win?*
 Less than 6 months 
 6 months - 1 year 
 1-3 years 
 4-5 years 
 6+ years 
May I post your story on Free2WinGames.com?*
 Of course! 
 Yes, but don't share my sceen name. 
 No way! 
May I contact you for more details?*
 Heck no! You smell like feet. :P 
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